How much do you think i will yield?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thovick23, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, i am growing a white widow plant with a 150W HPS light. If i let the plant grow to be a foot tall and then immediately switch to flowering, how much do you think it will yield. I am looking for a quick harvest....

    What is the best way to keep my plant small, but produce a lot of bud. I am growing behind a dresser in my room and i have it hidden so my mom can't see it. But i dont want the plant growing over the i want an effective way to harvest buds quick. I was hoping to harvest every month and a that possible?
  2. Dude its not an apple tree u cant harvest multiple times.
  3. lol your running 150w of hps behind a dresser, good luck on not letting your mom find it! oh and you do know that plants start smelling REALLY dank
  4. Dr3adLox you can harvest multiple times off one plant indoor without killing it- if you leave a few small buds at the bottom of plant and change the light back to vegetative stage... its called re-veggin.
  5. Why do you have to hide it from your mom? Being 18, and considered an adult, shouldn't you just tell her what you are about to do? Hiding a hot light is not going to be possible. What if it catches fire and burns down the house? Would that make it worth it? How about you just wait til you are on your own so you do not disrespect your mom's house?
  6. [quote name='thovick23']
    I am growing behind a dresser in my room and i have it hidden so my mom can't see it. But i dont want the plant growing over the dresser.....

    your crazy man. You wont yield that much at all and it takes 3-4 months to grow. not worth it.
  7. I am living on my own mom just stops in like twice a month. So ill prolly just grow it out in the open and when she comes ill just move it behind the dresser. I dont know how i am gunna hide the light exactly......she only stays for a few hours at i could prolly just shut it off and turn it back on when she leaves right? As far as the smell i was just gunna put air freshners all over and burn some incents. This is my first time growin so i dont know how bad the smell is.......and i know i can't harvest like an apple tree. I was saying i wanted to harvest quick and start a new plant.
  8. a screen is probably the best way to keep it small and yield a lot
  9. well if you want a harvest every month i suggest growing your plant in a safer spot and letting it get big and just take clones and get a cycle going where theres a plant ready to harvest everymonth. it can be done it jsut takes time and work.

    and the smell is going to be hard to cover, if she knows what weed smells like she will smell it probly over incents. if i were you i would find a better spot, sacrifice a closet for a grow room. if you use a closet you can control hummidity better and line the walls with tin foil for more reflection.

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