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How much do you thin weed will drop in price?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OCMS, May 28, 2010.

  1. First of all when weed is finally legalized for medicinal purposes in your state, how much do you think it will go down? (if it is legal in your state did you notice a price difference?)

    Secondly, how much do you think it will be lowered when it is legal for good?:hello:
    I'd say it will go down to about $5 a gram? what do you think?
  2. All guesswork.
    5$? How did you get that figure.
  3. I doubt it. I think it has a tendency to run out low-grade south american blood weed and bring in well cared for domestic high quality American weed. So overall, the price would actually rise, but in a way that was reflective of the quality.

    I think that alot of interesting economic phenomenon are in play in the situation our country is in w/ weed.

    I mean, DEA et al have been spewing for decades that it's a "million, or billion or multi billion million dollar a year industry" which kind of bites them in the ass when you consider the impact it might have to introduce a large percent of the weed economy into the legitimate, taxable money markets.

    It all boils down to us getting to watch a battle take place between moral laws and economic ones.

    Let's see what happens.

  4. Just kinda took that fact that it would probably be some dank, which is about 15 a g here. An factored out the illegal/hard part of getting it...
  5. Thats some good maths. 5$ sounds pretty accurate then. Yes, 5$.
  6. it probably won't change significantly from what you're paying now it will just be easier to get, better quality stuff and you won't get arrested for having it.

    weed in amsterdam ranges from 5 to 20 euro a gram depending on the shit you're getting. not much different from what i was paying but WAAAAAAAY better stuff
  7. I think that generally, prices will drop. It's way cheaper to grow, even on a small scale - if mass produced it'll be cheap as fuck to produce, allowing companies to drop the price and still make a good GP. If it became more expensive then there'd be a huge rise in growing (because it's so cheap to grow and legalisation would take away the risk). Or perhaps dealers would stay in business, since it would still be possible for them to provide it at the current prices, or cheaper. Maybe in the early days of legalisation dealers who plan to quit selling will want to get rid of thier leftover stock and we'll be seeing very cheap bud for a little while.

    However, I think we'll see a variety of prices like with alcohol. There'll be a market for stuff that tastes like shit but will get you intoxicated very cheaply (like White Lightning in the alcohol world), but also a market for high-end bud where the focus is on quality... and everything in between.
  8. just because its cheap to make doesn't mean they will pass those savings on to the consumer :wave:
  9. Hell if thats the case I cant wait for the day they are finally being sold haha but on a serious note I think that if weed was legalized prices prolly would go down if you were buying off a dealer but I dont see the weed in stores exactly bein cheap stuff.

  10. Thanks for being an asshole man... just getting some opinions on an interesting subject.
  11. Yes, but as it is so cheap to produce, wouldn't everyone just grow if the prices were too high?

    Take tobacco. It's a less efficient crop (not the right word, can't think of the right one) to grow than weed, and it sells for about £5-6/oz (about $7). So no-one grows tobacco.

    Also, relevant thread in the News section.
  12. cheap to produce says who? a grow setup to get the best quality buds probably isn't that cheap.. price, space, time, effort. a lot can go wrong growing and a lot of people don't have the patience they want instant satisfaction. that being said, cigarettes are expensive as fuck, loose tobacco is cheaper but not everyone buys it because they want instant satisfaction

    i'm not saying its going to be expensive i'm just saying i wouldn't expect to get it at what they produce it at.
  13. I wasn't saying we'd be getting it at cost price; not at all. Obviously they need to make a profit. And as I said above, there will be a market for cheap weed with less focus on quality, like with alcohol.

    Cheap to grow says... well, most growers that I've spoken to. On these forums I've seen people saying it costs about $10/oz. Plus if more people wanted to grow (which I assume they would given that the risk would be removed) then there would probably be more products made to make growing easier.

    I imagine cigarettes are more expensive than loose tobacco because the production process is more complicated (adding paper + filter etc.). Manufacturers would probably sell pre-rolled joints for a higher price for those who want instant satisfaction or can't roll, but I expect you'd be able to buy loose weed too (as obviously its easier to buy it loose if you want to smoke using a method other than joints).
  14. i got you man. i misunderstood. if it ever becomes legal, i hope people grow it and don't support big companies. nothing better then smoking the fruit of your labor haha
  15. Awesome (but I'm no man, heh).

    I hope so too - I plan to grow even if the prices are good. I hope there'll be small companies, as well as big ones though. It'd be nice to support a local business with my smoking.
  16. I expect the price to go down, maybe not an incredible amount but definitely near Canadian prices. And fuck big business getting their greedy paws into cannabis, other than hemp products. I can imagine any cannabis produced by the tobacco industry will be shit, one way or another.

    I'm growing my own...
  17. oops sorry i make unfair assumptions sometimes:eek:

    thats why i love holland, i went to a very small coffee shop and was talking to the guy behind the counter said he grows a good chunk of what he sells. i think that would be such a fucking awesome way to live. growing to sell in your coffee shop while enjoying smoking YOUR weed and making bank profits
  18. It's cool, dude.

    That sounds like the best job in the world. My dealer's planning to do something similar if/when it's legalised. I guess a lot of the dealers/growers for whom weed is a primary source of income would want to open coffeeshops.
  19. why the fuck not right? i mean i have my favorites in the city but i love going to new ones. sometimes you find better, cheaper stuff but its not always the best place to sit and smoke. sometimes i go to a smaller one, buy bud, and then walk to another one and sit and smoke haha.

    its so nice to have a place to go smoke, not worrying about getting caught or having no where to go. you can just sit, enjoy a smoke and conversation. drinks are readily available and everyone there is 420 friendly obviously haha.

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