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How much do you spend per week on nug?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cheez, May 29, 2009.

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    Yep, how much do spend per week on nug, how much (weight) do you get, and is it shwag, mids, or dank?

    I'll go first.

    $20 per week
    1/4 of firey mids :-D
  2. About 20-40$ per week. Its dank.
  3. Usually only buy and smoke on weekends... usually like $10 1.5 g high mids does it for me :)
  4. I use to buy about an 8er a week at college or more sometimes once weekend came I'd usually be out and buy a dime bag or something (dealer lived next door so it was easy as hell hah)....Now I'll probably only buy like a quad of mids a month or so.
  5. during the summer 100 a week during the school year 60 a week
  6. average about 15 a week. I buy generally an eigth per a month.
  7. 80 a half every 2 weeks.
  8. i like how nobody puts the type of weed they are smoking..

    I spend about 7 cuz i probably get about 7/32oz. per month averaged over the past few months.
    and i mean mids.
    i've gotten 1 gram of dank in the past few months... i have a low tolerance so why bother?

  9. I hear ya man, I have a low tolerance, I only buy a 1/4 a week because I smoke with friends and give away nug to my friends lol. If it's just me a quad lasts me a month or more because I'm mainly a weekend smoker but every now and then I'll smoke after a long school day
  10. I'd say 1/8 mids to get me through the week. And 1/8 of dank for the weekend. Not including what I smoke with my freinds.
  11. I usually spend about $50 a week on bud. I rarely buy bud for over 10/g, when I do, it's usually added onto that $50 week.
  12. i dont smoke during the week no more... 60$ during the weekend for a half
  13. about 40 during the week it really depends. once i get a job tho i plan on buying ounchs for the month. this is smokin beasters by the way
  14. Anywhere from a half to a zip a week. So... $70-140

  15. Damn, a quad a day over the weekend lol.
  16. if i just got payed then 40-70. if im sittin kinda tite then 20-50. Always on chronic too. ide prolly buy some mids or regs every now and then but i just dont find it around here. Funny too, i live 15 minutes from the border entrance of tijuana, mexico; where prolly more than 75% of the countries schwagg enters the U.S. and i couldnt find it if i tried all day.
  17. id say i spend anywhere from 20-40 a week probaly about like 2-5 grams of some pretty dank shit it depends rly on my money situation and mood, some times 2 grams will last me for 2 weeks...i get smoked out alot by my boys so tht doesnt rly get counted in but if it did itd probaly be alot more
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    i buy an ounce of dank everytime i get paid which is every other friday so like.. $150/week?

    edit; it should also be noted that i 'give some away' to my close friends, So i usually get rid of a few 1/8ths
  19. quater a day of dank for sure

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