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how much do you spend on your habit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ryax, May 29, 2006.

  1. How much do you usually spend on your habit.. i usually buy a $10 gram every 2 days or so..
  2. I usaully buy 1/2 ounce and smoke 2-3 times a day and "give away" enough bud so technically I pay nothing to smoke. I pay 120 for a half ounce of dank though.
  3. i dont spend a single penny.. my "sharing" makes my habit free :) and thats pretty much the only reason i share..

    ^^^EXACTLY THE SAME.. EXCEPT.. i pay 115 for a half O of dank.. wow.. we're like twins..
  4. I spend $200-$300 depending if im taking a trip to B.C. to see my parents.... I always get a half ounce, i pay $100 and usually smoke about an ounce a month and im a generous person to my fellow smokers cheers! :smoking:
  5. I smoke two ounces a month because i have alot of friends who smoke with me and give away alot of it, I really mean give it away, i can't bring my self to sell it. Anyway i usually spend 120 dollars a month because me and other people usually match up so its all good.
  6. Quarter a week? Depending on the circumstances, so about 80 a week for dankity dank nuggets.
  7. re-up on a QP and smoke all i want. Then just give away the rest :p
  8. Dont pay for weed. But litterally, i dont buy weed.

    But smoke on my own 2 -3 ounces a week, with my friends over a half pound a week with how much everyone buys.
  9. $60 on 1/2 ounce of chronic every 2 weeks.
    Got a little more than a 1/2 yesterday... 16g of Grapefruit Haze for $60
    I shared an eighth of the same stuff with some tourists from Miami, and they shared $40 USD with me!
    Americans...they're like made of money.
    :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
  10. About $200 a month
  11. nothing!!! i hook my friends up with sacks so what i end up selling pays for my personal.
  12. I used to smoke around 800-900 dollars a week by myself street price. Now its a lil lower. Hope i can step it up again soon after my harvest.
  13. more then not made of credit not money lol
  14. usually never have any bud on my self... if i do its only little ammounts at least an 8th max.

    usually put in w/ bunch of homies... say about 2 to 5 and pick up anywhere from a gram to half o depending on how much money / people we got available.

    never bought anything more than half o... well at least i haven't.
  15. Usually go through about 1/8 -1/4 a week, though I envy all of you who get 1/2 for 100. Where I live its 200 for a 1/2.
  16. the wife and i spend 50-70 every 2 days i hate to know the monthly cost so you do the math...
  17. ya'll need to just pick up a couple ounces and save yourself a good bit of money overall
  18. Well I grow as well but I also hit up the dispensaries out here in Hollywood so I would say I blow about $400 a week on buying Kush, hash, clones and all sorts of different kinds of strains
  19. +rep

    i buy an ounce every day or every other day and smoke anywhere from a gram to an eighth a day depending on how i'm feeling.

    i pay about 320 an ounce for dank, and like most of the people stated above me in this thread, i share my bag with the community and don't have to pay a single dime to blaze all day long.

    in fact, i profit from smoking.
  20. I buy in bulk...zones and half a zones....take little out to smoke here and there

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