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How much do you smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justin127, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. How much do you smoke when your alone, if at all, and does that amount change when you do it with friends?

    When alone, I usually dont like to be baked, just decently high, or else i get too paranoid and sometimes get panic attacks if realllly high, so I smoke about 0.25 grams, (or a nickel of dank)
    With friends, the higher the better, so I usually smoke 0.5 grams (or dime bag/dank) when blazing with my buddies. When high with my friends, im usually more relaxed and dont get paranoid or panic attacks, so i can smoke more.
  2. untill it hurts
  3. And I smoke 'til I got chest pains.
  4. i smoke till i pass out.
  5. on my own ill smoke a bowls worth so probs around .3-.5 but with friends ill smoke over 2 grams split between and my 2 or 3 smoking buddies
  6. fuck... you first 3 are making me sound like a pussy lol
  7. depends. usually ill smoke about 2 or 3 bowls a day. but some days i wont smoke at all or somedays ill run through an 8th (good times :smoking: )
  8. Usually if I'm alone il smoke .5-1 in a sitting or if I'm with people, 1.5 or so
  9. dont call yourself a pussy haha. Truth is I smoke from a bowl that holds about .25 per hit. This means i have to take alot more hits and in return my throat hurts after about 7-8 when i said "untill it hurts", i was not bull shitting you...
  10. Wow dude, I would pass out from that much lol
  11. Usually 2-3 gs a day but I'm having to get drug tested :(
  12. #12 PeruvianDank, Dec 2, 2011
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    Until I get pleurisy

    On an average day, about 2-5 joints by myself, with my friends, about 2-7 joints. It really depends.
  13. .25 X 7.5 = 1.8 grams, not that much. I only pass out if i smoke after 7pm cause by that point im on my coach watching the Bruins DAMN INTERMISSIONS put me to sleep!!!
  14. Ah yeah maybe not but still, anything over .5 grams usually knocks me out.
  15. One question

    How do you pass out from smoking too much? What does it feel like? What do you see?

  16. I'm the exact opposite, when smoking by myself, I can get as ripped as I like and it'll be good, never paranoid, never tweek, always chill, just a good relaxing/enlightening time. When I'm with friends, I get paranoid alot, but not about stupid shit like "omfg is swat gonna break down my door" or anything like that; sometimes my friends are just dumb, and can't handle themselves too great when they're stoned. Because of this, I feel like I'm babysitting and constantly checking my surrounding so if something goes wrong or one of my friends does something stupid, I can atleast be there and ready to take over/handle shit.

  17. you pass out cause if you smoke too much you just want too sit on your couch and chill, you are ultra sensitive and the couch feels sooooo good you curl up into a ball and pass out. You dont see anything thats not there, of course it will look better though haha.
  18. When I say pass out i just mean i'm too stoned to even talk and can barely move, and its an effort to stay awake..
    As for actually passing out, only thing i can recall is that my brother told me bong ripped about 2 grams, and next thing he remembered was waking up in his bed...

  19. You start getting couch locked then more and more tired and eventually start zoning pretty hard then you will just black out.
    Lol this one time on my boys bday we smoked like a oz of homegrown hydroponic with joints and glass I was asleep they would wake me up I'd hit it again then pass back out lol

  20. I love these highs:hello:

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