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How much do you smoke in one sitting?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kjkjogoug, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. What's your average that you smoke in one setting? What gets you high? I'm usually high off whatever can fit in my bowl, but I need at least two bowls to get nicely high.

    What about you guys? I would like to see what one people smoke in one sitting.
  2. about a bowl. One thing I love about my low tolerance I spend less money.
  3. usually around half a bowl to a full one. i get variably stoned depending on whether the pick up is good, but almost always baked to perfection :D
  4. One smoke sesh for me and my girl is .4
  5. takes me about 4
  6. A bowl, half ajoint or so, or bong
  7. Depends.
    Usually at least a bowl a day.
    If I'm at my friend's house.
    Usually like 5-6 bong rips, and maybe 5 bowls throughout the day.
  8. So exactly how much weed is "a bong"??

    Ill smoke 2 bowls to get good usually. Always cash a bowl but 7/10 times ill load up another.
  9. 1-2 mflb trenches in a sitting. Sometimes ill throw some kief in there. Or ill just smoke a bowl or two. I come down hard when I vape and it doesn't peak for that long anymore. Fuck tolerance.

  10. Perhaps they meant just a bowl of weed. Yet then again sizes of the bowl vary per bong.
  11. Three. I smoke 3 in one sitting...
  12. in one sitting if i have a decent amount of weed ill smoke anywhere from an eight to a quarter ounce in one sitting but thats mainly because my tolerence is so high
  13. JUst smoked two bowls of roach weed mixed with my new shit and rez. Blazzzzed.:smoking:
  14. A half of joint per session...i have a session every 3 - 4 hours
  15. Usually 2 fat bowls gets me stoned
  16. One joint. I usually get 3/4th the way done when I feel it and by the time I'm done I am zooted.
  17. Solo, 2 bowls 2/3rds full(loading whole ones just gets nasty towards the end since my bowls huge). Every person doubles it since i only smoke with people who match.
  18. It depends obviously, for example this break I've smoked quantities from a 7 gram blunt (between 5 people), to a 1/2 bowl since I was at the end of my sac. But generally I been sticking to rolling up regular size papers.
  19. If its a bong then one bowl pack to myself. I dont like handheld bowls though. if its a blunt about a .7 when I was selling I would smoke 1.2s 3 times a day
  20. .3 of some good. I got it lit now....

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