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How much do you smoke in a month.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njhippie, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Estimate only what you actually smoke so if you smoked a 1 gram joint with 4 people then just you smoked 1/4 g.

    My goal is to only buy an 8th a season (one of my brilliant stones ideas) but I try to get the dank of the dankest.

    I'm running dry after tonight but this limit keeps my tolerance down so low that a gram of high-mids gets me pretty damn fucked when smoked alone.

    How much do you smoke then in your average month?
  2. If I'm reading this right you're gonna attempt to make a half ounce last a year...I hope you have alot of friends that blaze you. My advice: appreciate the hell out of the highs. If you blaze once in a week, it feels 100X better than any high you would get if you were to blaze 50 times that week.

    The month before this I was at a steady ounce a month, but this months been shitty so I'll be lucky if I can get a quarter, even with dealer favors :(
  3. I smoke more than 2 ounces / month. Its easy. I get my oz's for 45-60 each. It makes it easy to afford.
  4. More than two Oz's a month... If I see someone with nug I usually just pick a quarter whenever, they usually last like 2 days a peice.. But I work and stuff so I can have some dank bud but not much else lol...
  5. i usually get a quarter ounce every weekend.. so about an ounce a month.

    but i smoke out a lot of people.. and they smoke me out a lot, too.. lol, so im really not all too sure how much i smoke a month.
  6. I smoke 2-3 grams a day of dank bud.So 30x2=60 grams so I would say around 2-1/2 ounces.
  7. a quarter a week which translates to more than or equal to an o a month
  8. Whatever 2 nickle bags a week amounts to. :smoke:
  9. Not counting what I smoke with friends, I only go through about a quarter a month. I buy an ounce of some good shit every 3 months or so, and throughout that time I'll smoke my friends out with about a quarter total, and we always match, and I'll smoke about 21g to myself.

    I really dont see the point to smoking as much as you can... I have been a daily smoker for like 10 years, but I have managed to keep my tolerance fairly low by only smoking until I'm high. And, when you have good shit, it only takes about 3-5 good hits to be fairly blazed, then you can just leave the rest of the bowl for another time.
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    Well is just so happens some people like to smoke Marijuana more than you or have a higher tolerance or need it for medicinal reasons.Who said they smoke as much as they can?I could smoke MUCH more than what I am now.

    What do you mean how do you afford it?There are hard working adults here you know and they make bank.I spend around 700$ a month on my medicine when I pay for it.I grow my weed and get it straight from another grower also that sometimes just gives me some.
  11. Thats not really what I meant to say...
    I'm talking about the people who smoke as much as they can just to say they do, I'm not directing that at people here. Obviously somebody who needs it for medicine is going to smoke more, or people who've built up a high tolerance, I was just talking about people who smoke way more than they really need to.

    What I mean is, if you are somebody who just started smoking, you dont need to smoke 5 bowls to get high, as that just build your tolerance. THAT'S what I'm talking about, when you do stuff like that, it just makes it so you need more, and I come across people like this all the time.
  12. Yeah I think most smokers go through that. If I was watching a movie or something, I'd finish 5 to 6 bowls and not remember a word of it. Then you realize you hit a bit of a plateau after 1 bowl and nothing's really affected but your memory and your intellect after that.
  13. I used to buy like and 8th 1-2 times a week.. but I've cut back for football season.
  14. On average by myself possibly 3/4-O, but thats summer time, during school its alot less.
  15. I usually blaze an eigth of dank or more if its beasters per week. So i probably smoke somewhere between a half and 3 quarters of an oz a month.
  16. hmmm... id say quarter - half O a month
  17. probably a little less than an oz of dank a month
  18. i like to smoke alone but sadly i love my friends and chill with them alot so i throw in alot of my shit but me match so its kewl but whatever i smoke a solid zip a month. wish shit was cheaper tho shit i hate being in college but love it even more at the same time
  19. during school i smoke about a Q to a half every month since I only smoke on the weekends.

    during the summer (right now, at least for a couple more weeks) i smoke about a quarter a week i think.
  20. I got you.
    To me though,I say smoke however much you want whenever you want.

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