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How much do you smoke in a day?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kushisgood96, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. I smoke about an eighth a day. How much do you?
  2. anywhere from 1-3 grams. usually around 2 though.
  3. dam I wish I could afford that. My budget at the moment limits me to about 2 grams a day, but ive cut down to 1 so I can afford a SSV after a few more paychecks. Considering 4/20's coming up though i'm guessing my ability to vapor bong is gunna have to wait a little longer
  4. Eighths aren't that expensive for me luckily. My entire family smokes so I can get an eighth of loud for 20 bucks usually. :smoking:
  5. When I smoked reggie, I smoked close to an ounce a day. Now I smoke a little over an eighth everyday. And 20 for a 8th is cheap. I get mine for 35.
  6. how did you find time to smoke an oz in a day? haha

  7. Just like I'm doing as I type this haha, I roll blunts all day. I buy 60+ blunts a week. My bong broke so I'm waiting for my new one, but you know how grasscity takes 3 weeks to get to the US. I just rolled my last blunt actually. That's the worst but best blunt/bowl. Your last one.
  8. I used to smoke reggie when I was just starting out. I can't stand that shit anymore, too fucking harsh, lol. I would def smoke more than an eighth a day if I was still stashed with shitty shit. Now I only toke the best. I choose to smoke less of a good thing rather than smoke more of a bad thing.
  9. Bubbler bowl of .2-.3 of a g once a day whenever I have tree. Unfortunately, I only re-up every few weeks, so it's not consistent
  10. A gram a day keeps the doc away
  11. Toooo much, about 3.5g in a day if its me alone or with one more person.. Sometimes 7 if its three or four of us that day, Too much?
  12. 1.80 to 1.86 grams a day.
  13. 81 x 7 neffew
  14. I used to go through about a gram a day but as soon as I'm done with this t break (a few more days) I'll start using the mflb I just bought so I'm probably going to cut my intake in half and get even higher.
  15. It was an 8th a day, but cut back to about a gram a day this last week
  16. About 2 grams a day.
  17. Well when I have bud wit h lately is rare:/ I go through about 2 g's a day.
  18. Less than a gram
  19. I smoke about .5-.7 a day and I stay high alot. One bowl and maybe a snap after to get baked.

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