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how much do you smoke for depression? or etc.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ergop, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    I just started a T-break yesterday because I noticed my tolerance had gone up. I would smoke 2 small hits and not feel the effects as much. I feel guilty about spending more than 50$ a month on mmj even though I have enough to afford up to $100 a month. Is that a reasonable amount? I don't have insurance because I can't afford it and don't want to go through the trial and error of anti-depressant medications right now. I know marijuana works for me, so is this enough to justify my spending?

    I really want to smoke tonight because I've been feeling really depressed recently, and I'm just wondering how often or how much you guys smoke for depression? (or whatever ails you) I feel weak if I give into smoking... like I couldn't overcome depression on my own like I've heard people say you should be able to do. Well that's a long post... Thanks guys :)
  2. I suggest you just meet up with some friends once a night and smoke that'll keep you happy and going
  3. I'm medicating for depression, and, from the things I've read, it suggests that consuming cannabis in small amounts can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, but in larger amounts can actually make it worse.

    I was never able to find what exactly entailed a small amount, but I started off at two joints per week and I've had up to one trench of my MFLB a day while still noticing beneficial effects, although I'm backing off now because I would rather not consume quite that much.

    I have a feeling that the right amount will be different for every person, so you should probably start off small and monitor how each session makes you feel so that you know when you are getting an amount that is helpful for you.
  4. i medicate for chronic pain and i medicate when i feel the need too normally before i go to sleep or in the morning

  5. As someone who has been through the ringer on anti-depressants and other medications (for manic depression/Bipolar disorder), I can safely say that marijuana helps things loads more than any of these pharmaceutical pills they'll give you. It doesn't make you weak for smoking, and depression truly can be a medical condition, so don't be so hard on yourself for not being able to just "get over it."
  6. Hi,

    I have been smoking almost every single day staying high for most of the day since January for recreational purposes.

    I've found that different methods of intake have varying effects. For me, bong hits produce a more euphoric, active high while joints have a more lethargic effect. I also use a wooden pipe which is kinda in between. I'm not sure about edibles coz I usually smoke after eating or before.

    I don't think you should feel guilty about spending that much so long as you can afford it. It is your health after all. Have you considered growing?

  7. I didn't read all the comments but I want to tell you have eliminated my use of Paxil. When my husband is unemployed we qualify for the state medical that's when I can afford to get to Dr. apts and get meds because it is very cheap or covered under the program.

    I had ran out of my meds and did not have the money to go to the Dr after my refills ran out. ( yes, I still had smoke in tough money times due to very good friends who are willing to be very giving because they see it helps me) I have been a evening toker for a few years now, even while on the meds. I also smoke kind of how my mom takes xanax.. when I'm really stressed or have to do something that is stressful.

    So I ran out of my meds and didn't think much of it for a long time. Then I noticed it had been 4 months since I had taken paxil.. I still felt fine.. I wasn't angry all the time, I wasn't sobbing in bed for days on end. I even started to walk for my health every morning and felt good about it.

    I'm a bigger gal and want to get into better shape.. but I have a total fear of what others think or may say to me. This caused me to not go walking or bike riding.. it caused me to worry about everything..That I was viewed doing in public. A lot of my depression was due to gaining weight and the insane fear of people being cruel to me about it. I refuse to go to school things for my kids, I refuse to go to my sons football games, I refuse to eat in public.. all because I fear how freaking rude and cruel people can be.
    BUT give me a bowl and I don't give a crap what anyone thinks.. I can walk my 2 miles in the morning even without smoking now.. I can go to any social thing for my kids and be calm about it; simply by smoking a little before hand. Even my 80 mgs of Paxil didn't help me feel secure in public.

    I am a far better mother for smoking in the evenings and when I am stressed out. I take my kids to the parks, I bike ride with my kids,I play the Kinect and laugh at my photos.... I do everything my depression kept me from doing...

    I'm not saying quit your meds.. everyone is different but I can't see how it would harm to smoke along side of it.
    From experience I know for a fact I am doing far better smoking than I ever did taking pills. In the evenings I smoke half a bowl its really all I need to relax and calm down. I sleep great. I can make a half ounce last me 2 months if I have to. I have become very good at making it last because of money.
    I am going to start growing after I do more research, that seems to me the cheapest way to keep in stock. With a card I can grow, I have a back yard and live in California so why not try it?
  8. Medical cannabis has helped me so incredibly much with my depression/anxiety/mood-swings to the point where I've found any psychiatric medication completely irrelevant to my life.
    Now that I don't have a connection for it where I'm now located, I've noticed a severe change in my well-being and I'm on prescription meds for my anxiety (the mood-stabilizer I refuse to take, because that shit's disturbing)
    I find it to be so much healthier, so much more peaceful and helpful with my life.
    I do have a high tolerance, naturally, and I know I could burn through an eighth in a few days but I usually tried to stretch it to a week, two if possible.
    I would roll up a small joint in the morning and meditate and be in the sunshine (helps with depression so much, as I'm sure you're aware) and smoke it while focusing my mind on calm/positive things that wouldn't bring me down. It really helped me get out of the constant cycle of depression.
    I'd try to smoke only for anxiety/mood emergencies because, while I find herb completely safe and effective, I'm not okay with having a dependence on anything!
    I believe it's completely up to you and your personal case, but personally, I prefer smoking with the intentions of a body/mind/soul concept and use medical cannabis to do so.
    'Getting high' just a silly concept to me when you're taking into account your mental healthy, by all means do so! But I prefer to focus on using my natural earth-given tools to help me achieve better things, and I reward myself when I do so!
    I believe cannabis is a wonderful tool to help with a variety of illnesses.
    For depression, personally I prefer strains that are well mixed (40/60) in indica/sativa strains, I find that these strains can get my mind off of things and help me to find calm, as well as help with a few other related physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea etc that I get from the sever anxiety. Too much sativa can give me anxiety (I get in my head way too much on my own, but I prefer mind-highs), and too much indica just doesn't help me do the job - which is to create a reality where I can have a clear mind and focus on tasks at hand...not be depressed, out of focus and lazy...which is of course what happens when you find yourself depressed.
  9. i have my rec for depression/anxiety as well, i usally spend 200-300 a month on my medicine. idk how severe your depression is but as long as i get a hit or two a day i feel fine, i dont even need my prescribed medicine anymore. remember if its being used as medicine u dont need to be super medicated, just enough to solve the problem.
  10. totally agree with you. I don't believe in abusing medical marijuana.
    my cost was around the same, that's just how life is when dealing with the american government.
  11. Hey, I have been diagnosed with depression and I don't really like taking the meds they give me. If your like me you hate them too. I don't like in a medical state but I do medicate with it. I've picked up a few tips and tricks that help out.

    Here are the things:
    1. Smoke sativas or sativa dom hybrids. As you probably know, they provide a more up and "bouncey" high.
    2. Don't smoke blunts, with my experience I have noticed that when I smoke blunts, it leaves me with a much heavier high and I am left feeling sort of nasty in a sense when it goes away.
    3. Invest in a vape, you can get one pretty cheap. The amounts you use are very small compared to other means of smoking. Another plus is that it gives a nice clean high that works wonders for my depression.

    Hope I helped, I know how rough it is sometimes. As for the money, I can't really help you, I spend a different amount each time. When I come across a strain that I like, I purchase more then if I'm trying something new. On a normal day I smoke 3 times a day and I have some indica for when I go to bed.

    Lastly, all these things vary from person to person but hope you work things out.
  12. i was diagnosed at a younger age with 'chemical imbalances', but before then, and to this day, I believe that cannabis is the only medicine that can help me with my mental states and episodes.
    I have told the doctor, a few docs actually, the same shit. I have been put on a med. before and stopped taking it, due to terrible side effects. I have tried many things in my life to relieve my daily troubles, and so far cannabis helps the most. I do not sit on my ass all day and 'burn out'. I go to work, witch i am a dedicated employee, i am thinking about going back to college rite now, Ive got other things coming for me as well, and cannabis does not hold me back, besides the fact that I can not have things as easy as people that do not smoke, not as easy, but you get the idea. anyway
    I only smoke in the morning when i wake up, to get my day going. I smoke when i get home from work, to relive the work stress and so i can get used to being home atm. I smoke before i sleep, so i can go to and stay asleep all night, and wake up not feeling like the inside of an asshole.
    idk man, if i could even have medical marijuana, id be pretty happy, and probably would smoke alot less than i do now. Unfortunate i guess.
  13. anywhere from .5 to a gram a day keeps me goin strong. and 1 day break because for me when i smoke before i go to bed i wake up and my mental status is on that happy stage as if i were high.
  14. #14 ergop, May 5, 2011
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    Thanks for all of the replys guys (I love GC:)) I really appreciate the different perspectives. I ended up smoking yesterday, and I must say... I do feel better. :)

    I'm plan on growing and buying a home vape when I graduate and move out of this place. After reading your advice I realize that as long as smoking makes me happy while I'm stuck in these unchangeable circumstances, then it's a good thing. I think smoking every other day is best for me, but it's difficult to remember that when you only remember how good you felt haha :rolleyes:

    Also, all of the info about anti-depressants really helped solidify my weariness towards them. I tried an anti-depressant once before and it really pushed me off balance. I feel more confident in my decision now.

    Well - thanks again guys :smoke:

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