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how much do you smoke a week?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by midnitetoker, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. how much do you smoke a week? I usually go through about an ounce.
  2. Depends on what/how much is around. On average about 1/2 Oz. of some dank with my current pay.
  3. Alone I smoke about a half to 3/4 of an Oz. With people its way more.
  4. depends on how much money i got, ussusaly 75% of my money goes up in smoke :p
  5. One or two quarters, two being only on weeks when I roll blunts. Oh and I wish that could be quarter pounds, but it's only quarter ounces :(.
  6. damn, i make weeed last, probably from a 8th to a quarter a week
  7. Anywhere from 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz per week for me.

  8. before i was on probation...anywhere from a half oz a day to a quarter a day, but now that im on probation...2 quarter z's a month
  9. Usually me and a few friends just get a 1/2 oz of hash and smoke it all on a friday night.

    I don't have a set routine of how much i smoke each week, some weeks are less, some weeks are more.
  10. When i get mids i usually get a quarter every week for my girlfriend and I. If i get get some dank we can make an 8th last around 5 days or so. If we have to get some regular we usually smoke a quarter through the week and a quarter on the weekends. We used to smoke about a quarter of regular a day back in the day. I work alot and i am taking 4 classes at school so we usually only smoke a few bowls or joints at night.
  11. usually 2/4
  12. about a quater to half o but it really does depend on how much is in town
  13. I smoke maybe 2 grams a week max

  14. you mean 1/2?

    i smoke anywhere from less then a gram (this week) to 1/4 a week
  15. A usually smoke like half an eigth of topbud every week. (I only smoke on weekends...)
  16. i smoke what i have in a week. Most i buy is usally a quarter though, so a quarter a week.
    Thats with out smokign anyone up/them smoking me up except a few bowls on the weekend when i go and get it. I try to always smoke who im getting it from up.
  17. before i got caught....id smoke around 1-2oz a week...
  18. Wow, I must be efficient or something...everybody finishes more than an eighth a week? I go through about an eigth in like THREE weeks. And that's with smoking between two or three times a day. ::shrugs::
  19. Maybe up to an eigth a week, but i try and conserve it as long as possible.
  20. probably a half a week, depends on harvest really

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