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How Much Do You Smoke A Day? Feel Like Im Overdoing It..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WoodHouse, May 29, 2013.

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     My weed consumption seems to be skyrocking the last few months. I've been buying eighths of loud and just storming through them. Smoking with friends, myself, and my girlfriend. Yesterday I smoked..
    1. One bowl to myself in the morning 
    2. Two bowls with three of my friends who matched resin
    3. Smoked a bowl with my other friend that evening
    4. Then rolled a blunt at night while home and smoked it to myself.
    You think this pace will eventually catch up with me tolerance wise or do most of you guys smoke at this pace?
    Probably the most I've gone through freshly bought weed before.

  2. How much was that? I dont know how much you put in each bowl or blunt. How long does an eighth last you?
  3. I smoke .7 to 1.3 a day depending how I'm feeling.
    It can usually last me almost 2 weeks. I don't think I used that much before bowl/blunt. The blunt was def not over 0.5 gs
  5. [​IMG]
    what did i tell you about smoking resin in the apartment?
  6. depends how stocked I am. sometimes I have to stretch a gram across a week, sometimes its gone within an hour of buying it lol. i'm definitely on the heavier side though. 
  7. by myself i smoke like a g a day..when i go out or have ppl over i can blown through an eighth+ in a day so it's not that odd especially if you're young and hang out with your friends a lot still
  8. if an eighth last you two weeks i dont think you need to worry to much. an eighth last me three days lol.
  9. About 2 grams
  10. Def feeling better now I am not just blowing through my purchase. Bowl time to celebrate.  :metal:
  11. 2.5-3gs a day, just depends on how I'm feelin
  12. I smoke a snap when I wake up, and a full bowl at 4:20 and one snap at night. I've made a quarter last a month before. Normally a quarter lasts me 3 weeks.

    The worst things you can do to screw up your tolerance is..

    Smoke all day everyday with no breaks
    Always smoke the same way (same bowl amount of weed everytime)
    Dabs :p

    Take a 1 or 2 week break every few months and you will be straight.. :bongin:
  13. It's a bit hard to tell how much exactly but yesterday I vaporized in the morning b4 work, then about 3-4 time after work at night, probably went through 1g.
  14. Usually go through an eighth a week smoking almost every day. I've made a gram last a week, I've made an eighth last a day, just depends on the situations and the amount of "IDGAF" I have that day.
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    If you're getting to these points of your tolerance its far past time to quit buying those measly eighths man! Do yourself a favor and save yourself some money by buying at least a quarter at a time; then use this little thing called SELF CONTROL to make it last until you can (within your budget) purchase more. Otherwise yes your tolerance (and bank account) will catch up to you very quickly! 
    I buy about 10 grams every 2 weeks, save maybe a 1/2g to smoke and make the rest into BHO. That generally lasts me until my next paycheck 2 weeks later; but if the yeild is shitty I'll have to grab another half gram of oil to get me through the whole 2 week period
  17. between myself and my fiancee we smoke about a half-zip a week. sometimes we'll make oil out of any excess nugs left over from past pickups. now iso oil/bho, a single gram can last the 2 of us about a week, though only because we still smoke flowers all day too.
    so how much per day? probably about 2-3g's a day between 2 of us, with a dab here and there :smoke:
  18. I used to smoke a gram/day. I've since cut down and take more frequent tolerance breaks. After returning from a 10-day t-break a gram lasted me about 3 or 4 days. I try to smoke no more than 1/8th every two weeks for financial reasons.
  19. Well I rarely smoke up, but the summer is a different story. I've been hitting up nearly every night, or at least, every other night. 
  20. I smoke about 1/2 a week so I just buy a oz every 2 weeks and make it last. It's all about self control buy a 1/4 and see how long you can make it last

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