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Discussion in 'General' started by BuzzLightOne, May 29, 2009.

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    :gc_rocks:Damn this place is addicting. I log in each day to find the same good blades are logged in. I feel a lot of passion behind the words of many, and look forward to being involved with so many cool people who feel as I do about our wonderful weed. Do you love it here?

    With only a month or so to go, the city has received donations of less than 2000.00. Don't get me wrong, I think that is wonderful, kudos to those who have contributed to the betterment of our great community. Those who have not have good reasons I'm sure. This is not meant to offend or to try to guilt you into donating some spare dough.

    I realize a lot of blades are strapped for cash. A little giving back just makes the world a better place to live in. If every active member gave just 1.00, the city would have over >>>$45,000.00<<< to go toward a new system that will benefit us all. $45,000.00 is a nice chunk of change! This could turn out to be the biggest MJ online forum fundraiser ever! Are you up for it?

    Just 5.00 each, would be over >>>$225,000.00!<<<

    If all of us just donated whatever they could, imagine how good we would all feel. If you come here, and enjoy it here, why not throw in a buck or two. It's easy to do.

    Thanks for listening and go do it if you agree with me! :love:

    Oh, and I will give blue rep to anybody that donates and lets me know. Ha Ha
  2. Am I alone here? :(
  3. waitin on payday buddy
  4. There's so many causes more worthy of donating to. If I'm going to be making a marijuana-based donation, I think giving to NORML would be a better choice.

    Don't get me wrong, I love GC...

    Lately, I have been thinking about donating... just don't want to do it through paypal or the mail cash option. Would be a lot easier if it were just an item in the shop you could purchase with a debit/credit card.

    I'll probably end up doing it anyway, if nothing else, for the bigger avatar & sig.
  5. Got you down for payday buddy.

    Maybe GC would donate to Normyl.

    I really expected more people to back gc up.

    I know my thread is not as interesing as a kid with a parent problem or whether you should wear red or black, at least I tried.

    I have more success getting people to buy scout popcorn. :wave:
  6. wtf is blue rep?
  7. Grey, blue whatever.
  8. Its purple guys...:wave:
  9. Oh, not this argument again... :rolleyes:
  10. This happens to be my most favourite argument...:D

    Can you tell.
  11. If it gets people to this thread, let's go.

    They are BLUE damit!
  12. It's the shit ;)

    Fuckin blue now?'s grey VS purple forever!

  13. Lmao, nice try :D
  14. I love GC enough to throw it some cash, just don't have the extra $ at the moment.

    I gotta be a little selfish and save what little dough I have right now for the festival Im going to on the 3rd :confused_2:

    and oh

    my god.

    not the grey/purple thing again

    Or.. I can open up photoshop and find the color code and look it up on google
  16. what happens when you mix a little grey with purple. lavender!
  17. YES THAT IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!

  18. I put my money in, and will probably donate again in the future.
  19. WTF it's blue. Where do you get purple?

    I only give out BLUE rep. :smoke:

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