How much do you really know about weed?

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  1. Take this quiz I made. Test your chiba knowledge.
  2. 8/10... maybe if you weren't wrong i would have gotten more right
  3. Norton Security is warning me that the site is unsafe...

    Little phishy if ya ask me, but thats just me and im me...

    Sorry, just im on an unlucky streak lol.
  4. Which ones was I wrong about?

  5. Norton Security can blow me. I had that shit and I hated it. Well, to be fair, I hate most antivirus software. But this is just an HTML hosting site. Ask anyone that didn't have any warnings, nothing bad is gonna happen.
  6. Just for you I will ;)

    ...after my shower. :ey:

  7. You should post the pattern signature with the 1's and 0's which tells you in numerical order which ones you got right and wrong respectively.
  8. I remember I missed the third or fourth. I'm leaning more towards the third. Just checked it is number 3
  9. 1100111101
  10. Yeah dude some of these answers are wrong hahaha you must be pretty stoned :smoke:

  11. I'm guessing you answered C, both A and B? That was a tricky question. 21-tetrahydroxy is another name for tetrahydrocortisol, a steroid hormone secreted in response to physical or psychological stress.
  12. That quiz was..

    No bueno
  13. I think I said none of the above. Or both can't remember lol
  14. 8/10 lol

    Missed 1 and 3
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    1. Sativa and indica are defined as two different species.

    Easy mode. This information is widely available.

    2. "Dro" is short for hydroponics, which refers to water and nutrient-based growing.

    If you picked any other answer than this, I hate you.

    3. Carcinogens are inhaled when smoking cannabis.

    This one was tricky. 21-tetrahydroxy is a steroid that is not found in cannabis. Carcinogens are in fact released during the combustion of cannabis.

    4. Sensory deprivation of the stomach causes the munchies.

    This one was also tricky. I am well aware that a weak thirst mechanism is responsible for overeating, however, I used the term munchies, specifically referring to cravings when high. Check Urban Dictionary. Those munchies are caused by sensory deprivation. A group of cannabinoids blocks neurotransmitters in your brain that get information from the stomach letting you know you're full, and therefore you're hungry.

    5. Bongs typically hit the hardest.

    This answer most people will objectively agree on.

    6. The supposed origin of 420 is a group of high school friends met up to look for marijuana at 4:20pm.

    This information is available on the internet. The other ones are completely false.

    7. A sploof is a tube or container to suppress smoke smell.

    Urban Dictionary as proof.

    8. Copper can not be made from cannabis.

    It's true that copper is absorbed in the roots of cannabis, but it is obviously has the lowest output rating out of any other option.

    9. Schizophrenia is not a side effect of consuming cannabis.

    Cannabis can only bring to surface underlying mental disorders rather than actually cause them, so although in a few cases it may have been a contributor, it was never the direct cause.

    10. Marijuana should be all of the above.

    'Nuff said.


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