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How Much Do You Put In A Blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexstartsagain, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I usually put a gram, but that's just to conserve weed.  What about you?

  2. 1.8 grams at least..
  3. Damn, I need to start rolling fatter blunts.
  4. Depends, for swishers usually 1.5, for white owls 2, dutchies 3-, Wraps 1-2

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  5. .5 if i want to get faded

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  6. i cant put in anything more then .5 anything after that and i feel like im wasting weed lol is nice to sit back and relax and blaze a nice blunt but the wasted weed bothers me haha
  7. putting less than a gram in a blunt is a waste of time. 
  8. I don't even put any in my blunts and still get high as fuck.
    i thought i was rolling fatties whenever i managed to fit a gram in them lmao
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    Blunts ( Backwood or Dutch) 2-3 g
    Rillos (Any kind) 1-1.3g

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    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  11. anything over 1.5 is just a waste to me TBH but I only smoke blunts when I'm smoking weed and need to put in that extra amount 
  12. However much I feel like...

    How much do YOU put in a blunt OP?

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