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How much do you pick up?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cheeched_One, May 27, 2010.

  1. i usually pick up half an eighth around 2 times a week, or an eighth if i've got $60 which I generally don't. So I never really get that huge, satisfying pile of weed in my jar, which is a shame.
  2. at the very least its usually 20$ and with that it lasts a few days.
  3. its all about elbows
  4. I Normally get 5 oz every 3 4 weeks from few people all of which is paid for with my crop and so on. me n 4 other close friends exchange our wares keeping quality hi as its kinda competitive each one of us always wants to have best crop.
  5. 4 grams hash
  6. usually don't ever have enough to buy in bulk so I get a 20 or 10 sack every few days or so.
  7. Picked up a half eight last night. Will probably get one again friday. Money is tight, smoking had to get slowed down, hardcore style
  8. I buy a anywhere from a nickelbag to an eigth. but often i buy either $15-20 worth. i vape, so an eigth to me is like a half to you joint smokers. but often, i vape, then roll a joint or something. either a joint or save some for a bowl.
  9. 1/8th a week for me
  10. An 8th if I can find any good and if all I can get is commercial, then usually just a quarter.
  11. Normally an 1/8-1/4. Every once in a while I'll buy in bulk.
  12. I usually just pick up a twin or a dime, but recetly I've been getting quarters of some good shit for 50, so I'll ipck up a quarter every few days.
  13. usually just an 8th from my dealer every weekend, gets me through the week. $70 for dank, $60 for some chronic.
  14. i buy a pound once a week. lol i keed

    i buy an O of my dealer

    and smoke my own when its ready.
  15. i get ounce every 2 weeks of some ok bud, then when im buying chron ill get a quarter
  16. Always atleast an eight, no more than an ounce.
  17. i get an O everytime. once i have the money i'll probably pick up a QP.
  18. i usually pick up a 1/4 every 2 days, but if i want to stay high for about a week straight i'll pick up a 1/2
    plus my dealer usually burns one with me of his shit before i leave
  19. I usually pick up an eighth, I have a chill dealer and the sacks are usually very generous.

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