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How much do you pick up?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cheeched_One, May 27, 2010.

  1. Half zip usually.
  2. I always get an 8th, usually every week or two weeks. I always get the same amount so I can just say let me a get a single, and i get what i want.
  3. Mids- 1/2oz-2 oz

    Dankity ANk- 1/8th or qtr.
  4. Cool story bro.
  5. Eighths to quarters a week.
  6. 8th - quarter ever 2 weeks
  7. I only buy half O's every few weeks. They are dank bud of course and usually costs $ 150-170
  8. Before I was a Medical Marijuana Card holder, I used to buy an oz. every time from my friend.

    Now that I am in the MMJ community and can go to dispensaries, I buy a lot of eighths and sometimes quarters, and love to try lots of different strains of weed.
  9. a qp is what me and the wife pick up usually every two weeks
  10. 100 g for usd 43. we get per gram for 0.42 cents.
  11. since when did this turn into a price comparison thread? lol

    "i get it for 5$ a g"

    "yeah well i get it for .53 cents a gram"

    No one gives a fuck
  12. A quarter of dank every 3 or 4 weeks. :smoking:
  13. usually anywhere in between an eighth to a quarter ounce every 5-7 days
  14. I used to pick up a half eighth every week back when I used to smoke a bowl a night.
  15. Most I ever spent is 400 on a zone
  16. My dealer only sells oz's at a time so I always pick up a zip everytime for $350. Lasts for about 3 weeks for me. Straight from the farmer:D:bongin:
  17. If there's mids or something around I'll get maybe an eighth or quarter just to hold me off until I get dank, and when I get that I'll buy half ounce to an ounce, usually lasts about a week
  18. You sound like a computer.
  19. I grow and have patients in a mmj state.

    However I like to go to the dispensary about every two weeks to try different strain's then what I grow. I get a half in 4 1/8's most of the time or 2, 1/8 and a quarter if I think I might want to grow that strain. And I always pick up a brownie or 2 and 4 servings of the mmj ice cream! I eat the edibles over the weekend's :smoking:
  20. Usually a quarter...but sometimes an eighth...and always Kush

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