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How much do you pay?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by vildabeast, May 13, 2011.

  1. It's 5 a gram for reg
    And 20 a gram for dank

    That's the standard everyone pays around here. I live in northeast Ohio and I wanna hear how much everyone else pays. Cuz around here it sucks. If u can't get 20 bucks u have to resort to (gag) reg.
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    $275/oz. For dank ass shit
  3. try buying more than a gram at a time and the price per goes way down..........collect money from several friends and buy together
    maybe u pay 10 a gram for dank when buying zips
  4. $350/oz for chronic.
  5. 3 bills an o hoe
  6. 10 a gram, 80-120 a half, the prices only get lower.
  7. In New Mexico I can order several different medical strains @ $11-$14 gr and $2gr for trim/shake
  8. I can get $25 eighths, $55 quarts and $180 ounces of dankkk
  9. There's heaps of threads on the same question/topic. I recommend using the search function first.
  10. 15 a gram for pretty much any kinda name brand shit I want. I have pretty good connects so even when I can't get decent shit which is very rare I always end up with commercial dro.
  11. i give my dealer a blowjob and he gives me a sack. i never really weigh it, so who knows.
  12. $200- O
    $100- Half O
    $60- 1/4
    $30- 1/8
    $10- Gram

    For top shelf indoor.
  13. Ugh, I cannot wait till I get to Denver! Moving out there in January for a job and am so excited to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer (especially MMJ)

    Whats your Denver dispensary recommendation so I can try and find an apt nearby!
  14. I am currently in Houston and its:

    1/8 = 60
    1/4 = 120
    1/2 = 220 (usually)
  15. Billings Montana Dankness
    100/10.5g (just bought one of these a week ago.. Super Lemon Haze)
    150-280/oz (depends who i go through, i have connects in different parts of Montana as well)

    Then for the grand finale... me and my buddy are throwing down on a $700/qp. Im only paying $300 for 2 oz on my side... my buddy is pitching $400 since he's a cool guy :cool:

    Can't wait to get rid of an oz... ;)
  16. Depending where you are in Denver I'd check out Denver Relief on 1 and Broadway. They have top notch herb. Prices are a bit steep though. There's tons of great places out here, just check out weedmaps. My advice would be if you qualify for MMJ and get a card then find a Caregiver who grows very nice weed. They will almost ALWAYS sell it for great prices. You can find killer deals at dispensaries every once and awhile too. :)
  17. 14er in Boulder... that's the only one i know by heart. Sirsog has made that place famous haha.
  18. In Oregon its pretty cheap


    all suuper dank

    mids are barely even seen up here
  19. Well Maxy I can tell you that with the prices I have been seeing on Weedmaps makes any dispensary seem like Walmart pricing compared to what I have been paying for all my green at Sak's 5th Avenue if ya know what I mean!!!

    Hoping to get a card. I have a medical history of back problems after being hit by a car (pretty irregular spine from the impact and no Dr will operate on me at my age considering how active I am, basically the risk doesn't outweigh the reward. MJ helps greatly and that is a big reason why I wanted to seek this job in Denver. I also have a Rx history of Xanax, Zoloft and Ambien (all of which I stopped taking when I really started self medicating and feel great). Do you think a Dr. in Colorado would recommend MMJ if I havent filled my Rx's in months? Or should I just get them refilled to keep my medical history up?
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    Thanks for the mention Maxy,

    We just lowered our prices for members to a $45 cap on all 1/8ths. Non-member 1/8ths are still $55.

    We know that the quality easily justifies the price.

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