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How much do you pay for your weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Smokinthatgood420, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. whatsup stoners? hows your night going so far? I was just wonderin how much you get your weed for? I get some pretty dank shit (Sour desiel crossed with another strain, not sure what) i pay 10 a gram, 1/8 for 35, quarters for 65, half ounce for 100, and ounces for 200, I'm from Central Manitoba Canada, be honest here guys, smoking aint a competition, Whoop Whoop!

  2. Well, when the grow runs dry, (usually never run out, but sometimes run a couple weeks dry before my next harvest is ready) I can get it up north right by the Canada border in MN where my hometown is for around 70 a quarter, 130 half, 230-260 an o depending on indica or sativa, since usually sativas are a little more spendy because of the lower yields. QPs are usually anywhere from 750-850... Only bought a qp twice though.
  3. 2grams for $15 top shelf son
    SouthBay area is where it's at

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  4. I pay $40 for an eighth, 75 for a quarter, 20 for a gram, 10 for a dime.
    I know about 5 dealers around here (Hartford, CT) and they all charge about that. I only buy dank though, no mids or anything. There's this one guy I buy from who always gives huge amounts. if I get an eighth it's usually about 4 grams.
  5. Schwag:



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    Montréal, Canada
    Those prices are for dank, mids and shwag are obviously less
  7. Always varies but a half can run from 125-170 and ounces from 200-240. Im in new jersey and this is all dank but different strains are different prices.

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    I usually pay 180 a oz for the pack . My dude gets it from the grower so always low prices
  9. About $60 a month in electricity for more than I can use by a mile.
  10. here in Oregon I can get bud from 120- 160 for dank shit. for the 120 I have to travel an hour towards Mt.hood so it depends, but in Portland city it ranges from like 150-200, it depends the type of hook up you gots

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