How much do you pay for roxis?

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  1. Im talking about typical street level price. Roxi 30 I guess? Idk never took roxis! only Opana from this guy! Im talking about real price, not a hooked up or the highest price. Try to stick to this ratio if it makes any sence.
    Opana = 30 - 40$ per 1
    Bars ( GG ) - 5$ per 1
    These are all street level prices.
    What do you pay for roxi?
  2. $10 for 1 roxi 30
  3. /i have to pay 1 dollar per mg thatw hy i dont buy it just take it when tosmedon gievs it to mw
  4. I get them for free.
  5. same for me
  6. $15 a pop
    oxycodone is $.50 a mg here
  7. for me its between 15 and 20 depending on who its from, dont have the best hookups for this so alot of the times i pay 20...dont really do it often tho so idc. On one now tho...
  8. so........... im guessing 20 is street value? 10 is hooked up? 30 is scumed?

  9. yea 15-20$

    but i mostly get OC at 50 for an 80
  10. Usually in my town in NC its $.50 a mg, but some times you can get a hook up, or it could be more. honestly if people are fiending they will pay what ever, ive heard of 80s being sold for as much as 120 here. but if your smart and know the right people you can get what you need.
  11. Damn, getting allot of different estimates, idk what to tell the dealer. I like lowballing you know what i mean? Being like, you got those roxis right? Like 10 a pop? That way they don't high ball you.
  12. or he says fuck you cuz he's got people willing to pay more cuz their fiends. maybe offer 20 bucks a pop so you don't get laughed at.
  13. Down where I'm at in FL, I pay $10-11 for roxies on a good (usual) day and $15 on a bad day (which I won't pay).

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Anywhere between $10 and $30, it really depends on the area. Where I live it's usually $1/mg unless you know someone, so I was generally able to get them for $15 but that was rare and pretty lucky. When someone else use to sell them regularly he'd do $25-30 and $20 if he was hooking it up or you got 10+.
  16. just ask for 10, if he/she sounds pissed about that just simply explain that you had heard of them going for that much.
    but imo, oxycodone isn't worth anymore than $.50 a mg so i'd try to at least stay on that level
  17. I can pick up a 30's at $8 a pop. 40's for 15 and 80's for 25

  18. I wanna live there.
  19. i usually get the A215 oxy 30s for 25, they're the best imo.

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