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How much do you pay for hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrOneHitWonder, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. How much do you pay for hash or hash oil I'm in a non medical state and hash is 30 a g and hash oil is 50. Is this a rip off and what's a hash high like I'm die'n to try it but I can never find it.
  2. Damn, I can get hash for 10 dollars a gram, the same as weed which is weird haha. I be in eastern canada
  3. I pay next to nothing for mine, but I make it myself. The prices you quote are unfortunately what much of the market bears these days, which given how little it costs to grow and process are in my opinion a rip off.
  4. Is it worth it the price? I get some really dank bud for about 10-15 gram should I just stick with my buds.
  5. At the prices you quote I'd say pass on it. Maybe half of that would be ok. It costs around $10 per ounce of trimmed, top of the line bud to grow. Unfortunately the legal climate leads to lots of profiteering.
  6. I guess I'll wait until my trip to Denver this summer to get some hash.
  7. If you say you can get 1g of hashoil for $50, do it. I'm also in a non med state and hashoil prices here are around $100 (midwest)
  8. Oil for 20g. Wax 25-30
  9. People want insane prices for hash in my area as well.
    Last quote, on some pressed kief hash was $30/g.

    Personally I thought it was stupid over priced.
    It should go for the price of bud...

    I aim to get hash for $20/g.
    That's what dank nugs cost here though.

  10. Why should it cost the same as bud? You are getting 1g of way more potent stuff so you need to smoke less
  11. 1g of hash is 50 bucks for me.
  12. i bought 8.5 grams of BHO for $250
  13. i pay $10 a g for bubble rock n $35 for BHO best deals iv ever found

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  14. $50 a g for bubble gum hash
  15. i would take good hash over weed any day but good hash is either rare as shit or impossible to come by where i live. people dont sell that, they smoke it.

    soapbar is easy to find but i wouldnt touch it.
  16. Yeah for wax, it's 30 a gram here. I personally get it cheaper elsewhere but every else gets it for 30.
  17. Oil can go from $30-$100
    Be careful when buying BHO though...
    The reason that cheap shit is so cheap is because it hasn't been purged correctly so it weighs more so you shouldn't smoke that shit.

    This isn't always the case, but just be cautious.
  18. I would honestly not buy hash or concentrates from anywhere other than a good dispensary or reliable SR vendor.

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