How much do you pay for electricity?

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  1. I am just curious to see what the average cost for electricity is in Grasscity.

    I live in a house that consumes a lot of electricity and so we are in the highest energy bracket. I am paying $.45 per Kw/hr! It sucks:mad:! Off of 1 400W lamp, and 1 100W fan I am shelling out $120/month (during veg).

    Anyways what is the rundown on your operation and what is the $damage?
  2. Holy Shit, where do you live. That rate is unheard of!
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    I know right, it makes growing it not much cheaper than buying it although the experience itself is a payment in its own way:love:. I live in a city in cali which is as much as I can say comfortably. But like I said it is because our house uses a lot of electricity, normally it would be only $.14 per Kw/hr. This is why I want to know how much is average. I know I am way above the normal line but what do you guys pay/what are your ops like?
  4. They probably do that because they know thats how they can make bank off growers in cal, there are so many just think how much money those electrical companies make, thats why they only go after you if you are stealin that
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    The main reason is just that everything in the area of cali I am from is overpriced, electricity is just one of many items. But even then its still worth it.

    ...what do you guys pay?
  6. Energy Usage First 290 kWh 289.65510 Kilowatt hours X .06626
    Energy Usage 291-517 kWh 226.89650 Kilowatt hours X .07846
    Energy Usage 518-827 kWh 310.34480 Kilowatt hours X .06444
    Energy Usage Over 827 kWh 243.10340 Kilowatt hours X .07635

    My last electric bill was $87.93, and I live in a 1bdrm apt.
  7. Wow ur getting fucking robbed.

    I pay 10.32cents per kW, in flowering 12hours on a day cost $0.11 a day, $2.43 a month, $38.87 a year... For my 90watt Cfl system... I live in Nsw, Australia.
  8. Thanks guys o and yes milk I no I am getting robbed but you on the other hand my friend are getting hooked the fuck up:D How does it feel knowing that I pay more in 1 month than you do in 3 years:eek:? Even though I am running about 350W more than you that still is pretty crazy. This summer I am only gonna be living with one other fellow grower and pay way less. Paying even $.25/Kw/hr would be great!
  9. Damn, I'm in Cali too and only pay .13 KWH. .42 will make you go broke fast!
  10. They charge so much in cali because there are too many damn people living there and they have to "ship" the power in from other states.

    I pay just under 6 cents a kwh up to 200kwh then it jumps to just over 8
  11. In south australia I pay 17.93 cents per kilowatthour.

    Thats not stopping me with my plans to upgrade from CFL to a HPS with cooling system eventually tho :D
  12. yo my electricty company charges .15kwh how much would my bill be if i used 400watt 18hrs lets say 45days
  13. do the math man, something like this you should be able to figure out for yourself
    500W/hr X 18hr/day X 45 days / 1000W = ?Kw/hr X $.15 = $$$
  14. im in england and its around £0.23 kwh and after 500 kwh it goes down to £0.13. So im alright lol feel sorry for those paying a fortune =/
  15. Energy Charge
    300 kW h @ $ 0.09294500 27.88
    700 kW h @ $ 0.05417800 37.92
    758 kW h @ $ 0.04446400 33.70
  16. I too live in Cali and also pay an average of 45 cents a kilowatt. I have had to pay as high as 80KW though due to high energy use in my house. Running 8 1000w HPS, 3 squirrel fans, 5 wall fans, dehum, and more...:eek:
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    I cant even imagine what my bill would be like if my op was based around 8! 1000Wers how much is your energy bill like man? But even then its still totally worth it:D right?
  18. I have a friend running about 14000 watts in humboldt plus living there and his bill is just shy of two grand a month. mine is a lot less but still horrible, we dont have to import power up here but still take it in the ass thanks to so cal as usual.
  19. damnnnn son thats not over the top specially for humboldt but still pretty damn big, lol id bet I have met some of your friends lil buddies before:D;)

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