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How much do you pay for an eighth of dank?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by calicheese23, Apr 19, 2009.

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    How much do you pay for 1/8 of 1 ounce at your favorite dispensary? List what area the club is from also if you can.

    $40 for 1/8 up in Arcata.

    Just curious. I'm looking to move soon possibly and was just wondering what prices I could expect to pay elsewhere. The only other clubs I have been to are in the Sacramento area and I think I payed $60 there for some chronic trainwreck.
  2. 20/g, 60/8 here.. unfortunately. Could be worse, though.
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    My place in central LA caps 65$, down the street a place caps 80$ for "ultra top shelf" which is same or less good than my 65$ stuff.
  4. in my city no-one says 1/8s or 1/4s its really weird because other places in canada and the states seem to use that lingo too but the prices for weed are like this

    1g- $10 bucks
    2g- for $15 if your good with ur dealer or 2 for 20
    3g- for 25 standard deal
    5 bag for 40 or 35 if you got a good dealer
    10 bag anywhere from 65-75
    an ounce for 170-180

    this is the prices for average weed to dank you can usually get outdoor weed for pretty cheap but i cant say ive ever seen schwag in my life
  5. 3g's for $25 is defiantly a good deal:smoking:
  6. I gets $50-$60 dollars on a 1/8 of dank depending on bud in dealer.

  7. I usually don't buy by the eighth but lately there's been some Hawaiian Punch, Great White Shark, and some Haze that'd go for $40 an 1/8th in my area.
  8. between $40-$55 depending on who i decide to get from
  9. 45-60 for dank name strains
  10. In a local Seattle club, I pay usually 10-15 a gram, depending on the strain. I have gotten plenty of over 4 gram bags from clubs that were danky and only 40. I have however seen it all the way up to 70 an 1/8! Which I will never pay. That is just mean.
  11. 30-40 for mids and highs. AB Canada.
  12. it depends what you call dank, i get 30 for some high quality pk, can be passed off as chron (its fluffy, hardly any seeds and super green), and i get baked off of one fat joint and thats with two people smoking

    and i get like diesel and other chron (from diff dealer) for 60 an 1/8
  13. 1/8 of dank costs 45.00- 60.00 in the Springs, Golden, Denver from a store. I don't know what dank street prices are like right now. Colorado was listed in the March 09 issue of Hightimes as only having mexican schwag for 60.00 an oz. I am sure you can get more than schwag. Any rocky buds out there know? I'd like to know too.

    I know this really doesn't help much, but I'm stoned. :smoking:
  14. I think he was just asking about dispensaries, but correct me if im wrong..

    There's this street in L.A. called Reseda blvd. and i go there alot, because its not too far into L.A. and the eighth price ranges from 40-65, sometimes theres cheaper like $30 eights and then ones that cost like $70, but outta these 3 clubs the price average is probably $55. One of these places I usually buy ounces from, because they got danky shit for good prices and the other 2 clubs got ounces that the average is quite a bit more.
  15. The prices in High Times magazine are a joke and always have been

  16. Umm ...... Dude Im from Halifax . NORTHSIDE!!!!!!!!!!! I live out west but spend lotsa time back home. I moved out here in 04. To say you aint seen schwag is crazy cause the valley dumps that shit in the city. I was home 2 x for a total of 5 weeks last year and both times the few times I had to buy weed(cause my west coast stash ran out) I got 1/4s and 1/8ths. I bought in Spry , Fairview , Northside and West side Halifax. All the dealers I know or bought from sold 1/8s and 1/4s and 1/2s. The stuff I brought with me back home was mids + for out here. Compared to everything I smoked down home.....it was like highs+.
  17. lol when i say schwag i mean poopy brown mexican weed, im not gunna lie theres a lot of crappy outdoor shit full of seeds but ive never seen shit for 70 bucks a ounce like people down south talk about.

    and ive honestly never heard anyone say "hey can i a 1/8" its always yo give me a "5 bag or what can you do for 30 bucks" but i dunno it might just be the people that i deal with

    lol good to see some others from helltown tho im close to fairvieww
  18. Best quality weed here in socal 45-50 an 8th (in the valley atleast)
    For 420 picked up some skywalker OG(45 because I was short on cash normally 50 from the club I goto) and got 1/2g hash oil and edible for free
  19. Keep in mind that down South there are no med clubs...

    It is sinful how much people will charge in Missischwaggi and some other states down here. Some g's are marked up to $30 each for dank! Standard is still $60 1/8, but it can be marked up to $70-$75 for name brand if you live in the middle of nowhere (most of the South). Half the time you don't even know what it is. You get a good break on onions, right? Wrong! No breaks. It can be 20 a g across the boards up to an oz!!!!!

    If you were to ask most random people on the street for something, they would most likely get you some mexi for $100/oz. Mmmm...tasty sticks and seeds, too.
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