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How much do you pay for 15 grams?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BxR, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. here in Canada, we get 14gs usually from a range of 80$-100$
    anything cheaper and it would be lower grade greens
  2. Mids - 75$/14g
    dank - 85-90$/14g
  3. Shit, some people pay more then average some pay less. Where i am (Canada, Saskatchewan) i usually pay 130-140 and its always the preemz :smoking:
  4. 15g for £225, but i live in aberdeen in scotland. hate it here.
  5. Damn you guys get great prices. I usually pay $175 for halfs.
  6. 79$ Here in czech.

  7. Same :( Usually I get a 1/2 for 200, an o for 360. but in the midwest
  8. if i told you would shit yourself.. nah just messin ha i can get blue dream for about 10 a g if i buy more then a half bag. mids hell i dont know havent smoked mids in years
  9. I pay 20 a gram, not fun -_-

  10. I've gotten tons of bags labeled 'blue dream'. I feel like it's either an overly popular strain, or it's just the name guys out here slap on bags to cover up that it's some generic shit but sell for a good profit
  11. i pay 600 for a QP
  12. 15 g's?

  13. Grow my own. I pay with my hardwork and heady nutrients.
  14. You're a dealer and you don't know prices of weed? Damn I wish I bought from you...
  15. I just got 14 grams for 150 today its about 15 a g stuff, in in socal btw

  16. One day I'd like to do some of my own... It seems ridiculous to constantly pay for something that you could at least supplement with a little bit of work and patience... Unfortunately in many places the consequences still outweigh the result, and the instant assumption is Distribution if they found a plant, which is bullshit. Some of us tokers just want to toke!
  17. 15 would cost me 140 probably.
  18. [quote name='"Ironic"']

    15 grams for $150 is NOT the same as 14 for $130. That means you got an extra gram that he charged you $20 for, when he was charging you about $11 for the other 14 gs. So he sounds like not such a great guy.

    I pay $150 for a half oz (14 gs)..but that's for the most fire shit around. Still it's a common price. Before I got this connect I was paying $160 and the shit wasn't as good, but it was still pretty standard crippy. The stuff I have now has names and supposedly comes from Cali. I wouldn't believe it but when you look it up on leafly everything matches.[/quote]

    Yeah, I was about to say. A half for $130 is pretty good, but you just basically bought a separate gram..
    I get my halfs for $150.
  19. I pay 160 or a half oz(14 grams), which is actually very straight for around here (MA) because the weed is top shelf dank and doesn't pass through many hands. I don't really know about dro prices though, and like others said its all about where you live

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