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How much do you pack a Bowl With?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMX, May 20, 2010.

  1. I dont usually use pipes or bongs. Im always smoking a blunt. And I put anywhere from .5- 1g in my blunts. So usually .5 would get me a nice high. Im wondering though, how much are you guys getting high off of? I see people saying they get high off 2 bowls or 2 bong rips. but exactly how much weed was in the 2 bowls? I get high from half a gram each time i smoke. I never had a full session with a piece. I only use my pipe for the weed that falls out of the blunt while im rolling it :p.
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    it depends on the device....

    When my group of 2-3 back home smoke regular bowls, the group i smoke with usually put in about .3 grams in each bowl, and we usually smoke about 2 bowls in a sesh...

    im high after the first hit off the second bowl.... so yeah... :smoking:


    In college, we pack massive bowls, all the way to the top, as we usually have multiple people in the sesh. Man i love getting a higher education :smoking:
  3. It depends on the size of your bowl and your tolerance. I usually go with .3 to .4 grams per bowl, and i'll smoke 2-3 bowls in a session.
  4. .5 a bowl, 2 bowls.

    away's to much for me :cool:
  5. I pack about .05 grams in my vaporizer for myself and will have some left over once I'm super ripped.
  6. man me and my boys i live with were in a bad state last year...we had a rule "you smoke what you grind, leave no weed unfinished" and we's all chip in like .5- 1g when we'd all chill and blaze. stupid shit when i look back at it now.
    now i buy some good weed and take a .3-.5 rip from a bong, maybe 2 smaller ones and im high for a while
    if its wearing down i might rip another .3
    maybe another after that if i really feel like it, but no point filling a bowl to the brim and smoking it all at once IMO
  7. .1-.2 per bowl in a pipe, gets me at a good level and not to burnt out.
  8. This is a problem for me with my current bowl. My bowl is pretty hefty - it holds a good amount of weed. I don't want to try to estimate how many grams, because I'd just be guessing, but it's generally more than I need to smoke at one time. The problem is, I always feel compelled to fill it up to the top. A half filled bowl just doesn't look right. I end up burning through my supply a lot faster than I'd like to, and smoking more than it takes to get me high. I didn't really realize it until I was running out, and I was feeling just as good after just a few hits. I've been kicking myself ever since -- I could have stretched it so much longer.
  9. Get yourself a small scale man! smoke like .4 g and if that gets you good and high then next time smoke .35g and so on, keep reducing it until your not getting the high you want, then bump it back up. Thats what I do. My new bowl for my bong holds about just under a gram fully packed, but of course I never pack it that full unless I'm smoking with people.
  10. Stuff the bowl completely full. Inhale completely. Repeat if necessary
  11. I Always fill my bowls to the top.

  12. Yeah I've been thinking about getting a scale. It'd be nice to have just to check if my dealer is legit, or to see how much I have left, rationing, etc.

    But right now I'm living at home without a consistent connection so I'm not smoking all that much. Maybe when I move out I'll invest in one. Thanks for the tip. :hello:
  13. It depends on SO many factors. Tolerence, size of piece, size of each hit, ground or not, smoothness of smoke, amount of people on one bowl, type of piece, size of bowl, etc.

    For example, with bongs, a lot of people like to pack what we call snaps, which is just one hit at a time, the whole one hit in the bowl being cashed in one breathe.
  14. Enough to get everyone in the rotation a hit at least.
    When I smoke by myself, I usually pack a smaller bowl.
  15. Don't weigh it out. Just pack your bowl as tight as you can, most bowls have different sizes.
  16. Im saying whats the general amount you smoke in one sitting. And how many bowls are you getting high off of. Two Bowls would mean you must of had alot of bud in the Bowls. If you re-fill your bowl 10 times then that means your doing small hits. Peope cannot explain that?
  17. did you read any of the posts here? Your question was answered. Do you want numbers? I can give you numbers- .5-.7-1g, etc but what does that tell you?
    If I smoke a bowl from a spoon(rare for me) I might pack .2-,3. With a bong I'd probably load a single hit at a time. Plus that's only me, everyone us different.
    It's just like saying a joint or a glass of wine or a bowl. There's no specific measurmrnt since it's controversial and depends on different factors. Sorry but that's all I can say and I'm in a bad mood so forgive me if this cones off as harsh.
  18. Just enough for a killer 1 hitter.
  19. The incredibowl glass bowl holds .25-.3g. I pack it full and it lasts me the night. I have found that I am going through my weed slower now that I use the incredibowl. Before I'd back .5 into my larger spoons and I'd smoke that for the night. Sometimes I'd repack but not very often. Now I do the same with the indredibowl. Smoke the .25 in an evening and very occasionally reload.

    Re: the incredibowl questions that might come up: I've never used one of the big glass steamrollers so I can't compare. I do enjoy smoking from the incredibowl though. I find it perfectly natural to reach for over my glass spoons. The glass bowls are super easy to clean and the incredibowl itself is also fairly easy to clean. The only thing that I really don't like about it, is that you can't see the bowl so it's hard to judge where to put your lighter (I have adapted but would still prefer to be able to see it). I do think it was overpriced but I'd buy it again because I really do enjoy using it.

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