How much do you love your plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by irieluv, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. So I covered all my plants up outside with some cheap rope and visqeen from home depot.. They sit right under the roof overhang so I kinda had no choice or else the dirty roof rain water would just dump on them. I was pretty proud of it when it was coming down and my plants were all happy underneath.. check it out...

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  2. Let me be the first to say well done and congrats.:hello:
    If i were you i would trim up your plants now, removing the majority of the large fan leaves.
    This will let mother nature penetrate through the canopy more and add weight to those buds. They are very healthy looking girls, and your well on your way to smoking some good outdoor soon.

    Keep us posted.:smoke:
  3. I would not recommend cutting off any leafs. If they are not needed they will fall of on there own. The plant uses those leafs.

  4. I would recommend doing it if you want to increase your yield, but hey, they are your plants so whatever works for you.

    They boys from The Greenhouse Seed Co. recommend doing it in the last few weeks to put all of it's last energy into the bud.
  5. I have my first outdoor grow going and i just really bulked up this week on ferts, next watering i will only use water. I am testing how well the plant will do off of all those sugars it has been producing for 5 months in fan leafs. I am pretty confident on how it will turn out. From what i have seen in the pictures here the more leafs you leave on, the better your yeild, I have noticed the parts of my plants that do get sun pretty much all day have big swollen buds. Now there are smaller branches as well that dont get direct sunlight all day. I most likely will try to leave those branches and areas to finish deep into october (pending weather) to get a really heavy amber high. To each is his own. I pulled the leafs off my indoor grow and was kinda dissapointed. I can tell im stoned definatly off subject of this thread.

    Irieluv, nice lookin plants. It has rained once on my buds and it looks cool with all the water pockets, i can see how too much would start to beat down on them as well. :(
  6. I know many people who yanked all their water leaves halfway through flower.. I don't understand how people think it would draw energy to the bud by taking all the plants excess energy = fan leaves and cutting them off.. doesn't make much sense... Those are the sugar the plant is going to eat when I flush .. just like you said mullinator.. thanks on the compliment I'm been steady working with them out there... can't wait for a month to go by...
  7. those are some nice lookin plants. I was just wondering how many colas each of those have:)
  8. most of them have about 4 or 5, I'll get some more pics when the rain goes away...
  9. Very nice garden you've got there and a clever solution to your run-off problem. I rigged up a shade cloth shanty to keep my girls concealed from helicopters now that they're too big to blend in with the garden. One of the most fun things I've found about growing is the ingenuity it stimulates.
  10. Yeah it is a bit interesting when they start sticking out like sore thumbs once they start packing buds on. Dont look so innocent anymore next to the tomatoes and sunflowers. :D I had to rig some fencing to conceal it more.
  11. great grow they look pretty damn healthy from here
  12. They look happy under there

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