How much do you guys pay for Methadone

Discussion in 'General' started by Xieon, May 3, 2006.

  1. So I've done methadone a few times before.

    First time I inherited a 40mg wafer, for free :) A friend gave it to me when I bought a $15 bag off him, so that was nice. I ended up taking that and getting really fucked up. Sat on a beach and basically melted all day.

    Then another friend of mine gave me 4 methadone tablets for $20 (got them for free I think) we ate 4 each and didn't really feel anything for a while but eventually did.

    Then I got a 5mg methadose tablet for $10 from this kid. Then he said he would give me 20mg for $35 today?

    Straight deal? If not how much do you guys pay. I know the prices of every other opiate, but methadone is rarely aroudn since most people eat it themself (well, drink it I guess you can say)

  2. Que esta el methadone?
  3. maybe it just me but i dont no many people really lookin for methadone

    the reason that it doesnt come thourgh all the time is cause the people who take it are on herion and rather than go thourgh withdrawl they take

    so i think your on your own with this one
  4. Je ne parle pas espagnol.
    I don't speak spanish. I'm guessing you said what is methadone, and its a drug that is given to herion addicts so they don't have withdrawal symptoms
  5. I'm looking for people who have bought some before and how much they paid. I know there are people who have had it because I've searchd the forums, just can't find any prices people paid.

    Don't really want to get ripped off

  6. En faite, moi non plus je ne parle pas espagnol, mais je suis d'origine francaise et je connais le francais aussi bien que l'anglais, sauf que parfois, je mamuse a essayer de parler espagnol, meme si je fais plein de fautes :smoke:

    Ah oui, et desole que je ne peut vous aider avec votre methadone, je n'y connais rien au sujet.
  7. well the most ive ever paid for methadone was $7 a pill, and that was ridiculous compared to all the other times, which had been around $4
  8. the 10's go for $5-$8(tops) and wafers go for $20-$25
  9. Only methodone I know about came in like 15mg pills that I got from my friend cuz his mom was paralyzed and had a prescription for some reason.

    overall, I dont like em. comedown on em hurts like hell for some reason, tears my stomach up.
  10. i started on it, but now i have to stick with heroin to get off the methadone

    haha. idk man i hate that shit, its such a shitty rush, its a shitty comedown.

    just a shitty drug.

    why dont you just do real heroin? its not like methadone is that much better for your body.

    EDIT: yea 15 bucks

  11. Better yet, don't do either.:smoking:
  12. roomate picked up a wafer (4 tablets all connected, im unsure of the dosage) for 30 bucks

  13. using my expert french to english:

    Indeed, me no more I do not speak Spanish, but I am origin francaise and I know the francais just as well than the English, except than sometimes, I mamuse has to try to speak Spanish, meme if I do a lot of faults
    Ah yes, and desole that I cannot help you with your methadone, I do not there know nothing to the subject.

    i got a C in french, but is was decently easy. also, i didn't bother making sentaces, cause i'm lazy

    and the translator didn't do it right
  14. Better yet, don't knock it till you try it.
  15. My friends mom has a methadone RX.... I've done them here and there. The high is strange.... very wierd, it does mess you up. It puts me on edge, I usually can get them free or cheap, for like 3-5 bucks a pop. Oh yeah, there 10's
  16. ive used it recreationally. a few times actually. never heard of or seen tabs but its all 1mg/1ml green 'jungle juice' solution.
    10-25mg = light dose
    25-50mg = medium dose
    50-100mg = heavy
    thats what its like for me, and ive used opiates far and wide.
    always check :)
  17. In actuallity, i don't speak spanish either, but i am of french origin and i know french as well as english, except sometimes i amuse myself by trying to speak spanish, even if i make lots of mistakes.

    Je suis un etudiant de l'immersion francais en Canada.
  18. EEk.


    I find it to be like 'movable floor'. My friends try it and they end up getting sick. If you have a crazy high tolarance or have used heroin before, it's not going to fuck you up.
  19. Aw, methadone is for quiters!
  20. I always have paid 5$ for the 10mg pills. and 18-20$ for the 40mg wafers. I love taking just 10mg and being pretty fucked up all day. Maybe eat a benzo or two while on it.

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