How much do you get E for?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xcraighebert, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I'm getting two green naked ladie pills tonight, checked them out on pill report, they are pretty good pills from what Ive read.
    I'm getting them for $20 bucks a piece.
  2. 20 here for real molly.
  3. yo i never taken the green ladys but im assuming u mean the g-spots i normally get the white lady g-spots and i pay 15 for em but i hear the greens are better so deff not a bad price here is tho ones i get [​IMG]
  4. and amnn yo idk bout that molly is serious shitt i been lookin for that madd long if thats dead ass try to put a pic up
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    We get some smackers here for $5-6/pill. (individual)
    If you buy a boat, you can get for $2500. (1000 pills)

    Bay is where its at mang.
  6. 20 is pretty high for just one pill, but I'd gladly pay 20 each for some of the best I've had in the past... especially if it's real molly.
  7. Funny thing is the dude who sells them is blatently honest, "10 for a speed bomb, 20 for molly"
  8. 10 bucks each
    you can get down to as much as 7 sometimes, depends on how many you get
  9. just had some nice ass yellow supermen and red jesus' the other night at 9 a pop.

    Fucking sweet deal.

    but I'll never pay more than 15 for a pill.
  10. here in aus.... 20 is a pretty good can get it cheaper but need to buy lots more

    got 3 red apples the other day for $50
    but they were fucking shit as got my money back....time to go get some buds
  11. i can get 100 for $300-320 or a few for $3-7
  12. Haha, that is awesome. Yeah I have noticed 20 for good molly rolls is the standard especially at concerts. I had some nice ones at Gov't Mule a week or so ago that were quite spectacular. Basically :love: is a good way of describing it. And this is in ATL by the way.
  13. last i did them i was payin $35 for double stacked white motorolas.

  14. You do realize a roll IS molly, or MDMA. Ecstacy is MDMA, and nothing else, no matter what people call E.
  15. These are really good pills according to my friends who did them. They said they were the best they have ever taken, so I'm willing to pay 20 for it. I cant wait till I get mine. Girlfriend is coming over Friday, were both gunna take one, vape some sour diesel and just relax with each other all day.
  16. yo the funny thing is i prefer the speed bombs. has anyone actually had pure molly before thats posting here? i see it as more of an acid enhancer, not a roll unto itself
  17. I had mollies twice before. Each time I paid 25 for one. They are soo amazing. I cant even describe them, besides they are definitely worth the money. And I never pay more then $10 for an baum.
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    I've bought about 3g of pure molly before so my first hand experience with Molly is pretty high. Molly > thizz pill. Off top.[​IMG]

    It's like Molly is 10 fold better than popping a normal pill. It's PURE MDMA, the active ingredient in pills which make you roll harder/longer/more intense!
  19. Down here in aussie land $20-$25 which is $17-21 USA.
  20. 20 for about .1-.15 grams of molly in a capsule and 15-20 for your standard e.

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