How much do you eat in a day?

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  1. Just curious, how much do you food do you blades eat in each day? Including meals, snacks, munchies, candy, etc.

  2. 5k calories give or take a few hundred
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    3.5K calories
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    I do not count calories , never have .
    I can tell you every single person is different and no one things work for the same two people in my experience .
    For me I was always small framed . 5 '9 athletic build 150ish . I could eat anything . When I hit 30 my metabolism bottomed out . I gained weight all the way up to 210+ by the time I was 33 . I tried diets and all the normal lose weight in 30 days type deals . nothing worked . I started reading about going vegetarian . it was hard for me personally but I have been strict vegetarian now for 5+ years ( no meat , eggs, dairy , cheese ,fish etc)  .
    I can stay at my high school weight fairly easy now as long as its vegan . After not eating meat for a certain time my appetite went way down . it takes a lot less to fill me up now .  
    a  day for me would be...
    7 am  -  little fruit and some oatmeal
    12 noon -   vege pizza or bean burritos
    2 pm - small bag of lays original chips or similar
    5 pm a huge bowl of vege chili or Spagetti
    9 pm big glass of Soymilk with a bowl of raw nuts
    ^ that's rather busy day for me lol   ^
  5. Only 3 meals a day I try to take less than 1200 calories daily....buuuut,if I wake N bake..lets just say I could eat like 2000+ calories daily.
  6. Probably close to 4,000 calories. Some days I barely eat and others I've put down near 7,000. I'm 6'4 so I need a lot of food to not look like I'm starving.
  7. Breakfast:  Small bowl of Strawberry Cream Mini Spooners; 2 sausage links; raisin bread toast with strawberry jam; glass of orange juice
    Lunch:  Turkey sandwich w/ mayo, cheese, and pickles; banana; strawberry greek yogurt; pack of gushers; V8
    Snack: Apple; baby carrots w/ ranch; celery w/ peanut butter; protein shake
    Dinner:  This week been having 4 tacos every night.  2 soft, 2 hard.  Hamburger, lettuce, refried beans, shredded cheese,  jalapenos, taco sauce, hot sauce, & sour cream
    Snack: Small bag of popcorn and some jello
    Comes out to around mid-high 2k but I need to eat more, I've been losing like half a pound each day this week.
    I'm not into tracking calories either.   I eat mostly food in it's natural form or prepared by me.  No processed or fast food.  I very rarely eat at a restaurant.  I just watch my portions and enjoy eating. 
  9. I eat two meals a day (lunch, dinner) and sometimes have a snack later in the night.  Haven't been working out lately so I'm keeping my cals anywhere from 1200-2500 a day, averaging prob 1800/day by the end of the week.
  10. I eat about 30000000000000 calories per bite.
  11. probably 1500-2500 calories a day.
  12. I didnt realize so many people counted calories lol
    Ive never counted calories in my entire life. Im 6,1 135lbs
    Generally ill have a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast..
    half a jar of almonds, some skittles, candy throughout the day.
    and something doughy and greasy for dinner followed by a half bag of doritos.
    Im 20. Come at me.
  13. between 1200-1400 calories a day
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    I don't count calories, but you eat like a girl.
    Not sure how much I eat, but I killed 3 bags of chips yesterday. Pork chops. Stuffing.... some broccoli and corn.... a 12 inch sub. Who knows what else. Yeah. I have to eat a lot or else I lose weight which I don't need.
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    O <---------- My stomache [ACTUAL SIZE]

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