How much do you drink if you know you have to drive later?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ratroll, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Say your at a party or bar or whatever, how much do you guys drink if you know you have to drive afterwards?
  2. None, no reason (Im a little biased ive had a few family members lives get ruined )
  3. havent killed anybody yet.
  4. i can drink 10 and still be perfectly fine to drive, unless i bonged those 10 or chugged them all, then i might get tipsy

    i tend to not drive after i drink though, just the best bet
  5. I might have one drink and the rest of the time im smoking.

    im not a fan of drinking much.
  6. Yeh, if I'm driving, especially if friends are with, I usually only have one, like ninety nine point nine percent of the time I'll have one, and those other times two.
  7. 1 or 2 if that, when i get drunk i get fucking trashed me behind the wheel would be no good
  8. Much rather drive stoned then drunk...

  9. i dont know about that buddy.

    edit: dont mean the following as an attack on you tokin, im talking about people in general (namely, my friends...)

    most people seem to think drinking makes driving difficult. it doesnt. most anyone can drive a car straight when absolutely shitfaced.

    what people cant do, is react fast enough when some guy with headphones blaring on a bike pops out onto the road infront of you all the sudden.

    nobody cares if you kill youself when youre drunk. its when you kill someone else. (and yea, i understand some people will care if you die... but you know what i mean.)

    thats why i donate blood whenever i can, help save some people who had a run in with a drunk.
  10. I usually only drink like once a month and when I do drink alot I tend to just stay at home.

    How much I will drink and still drive depends on what Im drinking. If I'm drinking beer I can drink about 4-5 cans or bottles cause I tend to drink beer fast so it messes me up more. I also dont drink alot so a little can mess me up.

    If I am drinking hard alcohol I go with 2-3 drinks or shots.

    I am usually only in a situation where I would drive after drinking if I dont have bud. But tonight I am drinking and smoking schwag cause my dank hookup didnt call me back tonight.:(
  11. im very aginst drinking and driving. when i say that i mean like driving shitfaced. if i know ive had too many to drink then i dont drive. ill sit in my car and sleep thee if i have to for a few hours then leave.

    i can get away with like 5-6 beers and still drive. i mean ill be a bit buzzed but i can handel buzzed.

    ill voulenteer the position of sober driver if i have enough reef with me.

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