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How much do you compact your bowls?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by T1S, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I fully realize this is more of an Ameteur question, however I find that people in that section are mostly other Am's answering each other's questions with false info, and I'd prefer to stay away from that waste of time if at all possible.

    I'm wondering how tight do others normally pack their bowls? I smoke pipes 95% of the time and like to pack mine as tight as possible, then take a small hit just so the very top layer is kinda ashed/resin'd up, then pack it more. I find this way it holds the cherry longer as long as the carb is covered, and the hits don't feel as harsh to me.

    My friend, however always tells me I pack too tight and usually just kinda lightly pats his bud into the bowl. For me I always feel like I'm getting a lot more air than necessary this way instead of smoke, and I hate having to light for every hit.

    What do you guys prefer, and why?
  2. I pack it so its packed down enough that i could flip it upside down and nothing would fall out, but not too too packed. And i corner the bowl when i spark it and go across.
  3. Just enough without packing it too much.
  4. I pack them tight but not tight enough that it wont smoke. If its lose it ill burn to fast
  5. depends on the bud, if its nice, light n fluffy n i just stick the bud in the bowl if its sticky or dense then pick/grind that shit up and pack it tight on the bottom half and let it get looser nearer the top
  6. I think you just want a light pack for airflow with some nicely ground herb.
  7. I vape with my solo nowadays and usually pack it fully.

    When I piped it I'd usually go 80% of the bowl.
  8. always pack it. i grind the weed normally. make sure theres a good screen in the bowl. pack it until when you lift it upside down nothing falls out. gets myself done or everyone.
  9. If concerned about smoke-lost or tasting you pot at its best, A minimaly packed bowl is best. You shouldn't really have to pack pack the herb. To get the most from your hits, the cherry should go out almost completely in between hits.
    Try it out with some quality herb in a clean bong :cool:
    peace and merry christmas :bongin:
  10. I pack tight and fat bowls.
  11. I usually pack smaller bowls that I can just burn all the way through. I don't like flipping it its too much work haha especially when I'm stoned. so usually the bowls are tight and small
  12. I pack tight i order for the bowl to cherry real nice
  13. I use a grinder, pack it fluffy, just enough so it sticks together and won't fall out. Good for 2 people, any more than 2 and it's a joint sesh.
  14. You shouldn't pack your bowls tight. Pack it enough so its not popping out the top and that is all that is needed. When you pack it tight, yes it does cherry, but if you aren't hitting it every two seconds you are just wasting weed. All your lovely thc is just being burnt away while you are coughing your ass off. Pack light and fluffy so that you can finish the pack in 1-2 hits so you can pack again, essentially getting a lot more fresh green outta your smoking!
  15. I pack it to cherry, but only enough to get me high...Ive packed a full bowl many o times where halfway through I was like shittt theres too much bud
  16. Only enough that it won't fall out when flipped upside down.
  17. I just thumb it down so it's tight enough to stay in the bowl if I move it. not too tight, or it wont hit right.
  18. A bowl that is packed lightly won't keep burning between hits.

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