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How much do you buy your bud for?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Seany, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I thought this might be a good thread idea... I'm not sure if this thread already took place though, so sorry if it did, lol.

    Post up the prices for how much weed costs in your locality. Naturally better stuff costs more, but in my area, all the weed, no matter how good, will sell for a base price of $10/g (even Northern Lights... I got some of that a few weeks ago).

    I love in Canada by the way, so these prices are Canadian.

    - 1g for $10
    - 3.5g for $30
    - 7g for $60
    - 14g for $100

    That's street value. Myself, I know a dealer who I'm friends with, and in the past he's given me 5.5g for $40, and other little deals like that.

    That being said, looking at US prices, we have it pretty good in Canada. What are your prices like?
  2. $20-30 for a G (2 for 20 if you got a good dealer)
    50-90 for an eighth (yeah, ive seen fuckers TRY and charge 90.. dunno if they were successful :p)
    100-150 for a quarter (150 from assholes that think the have hot shit, i dont buy from those fags!)
    190-240 for a half
    350-425 for an oz

    those are all dank prices obviously :O
  3. Mids are like 20 and eighth,
    real good mids are 35
    and some chrondonic is mostly 60
  4. Mids:
    15 an 1/8th 30 quad 45 half O

    45 an 1/8th 80 quad 140 half O

    60 an 1/8th 120 quad 200 half O
  5. Chronic Prices

    G - $20
    2G - $30
    3.5G - $50
    1/4 - $100
    1/2 - $160
    0 - $320
  6. - 1g for $10
    - 3.5g for $25
    - 7g for $50
    - 14g for $90

    I love Canada :D, the first time I went to the states, before I had heard how much weed cost there someone offered me a gram for 20 dollars, and i just laughed at them... but now I realized they were serious.

    The best part is theres no schwag/mids/dank, its all the same price and to get "dank" you just have to know the right person.

    I think it's because the laws against weed are way less strict here, so people are more willing to become dealers, and if anybody charges more then 10 a gram, no matter how good their weed is, nobody will buy it... (except kids in elementary school)
  7. Yeah, that's what I notice here. Weed is $10 a gram, no matter how good it is. To get the good stuff, you just gotta know the right dealer... but anything over $10 a gram is unheard of around here.
  8. ok i have lived in two totally diff parts of the us and both have GREAT DANK been all around the world so i know what bomb shit looks n smokes like anyways..heres prices in texas prices differ from dealer to dealer all dank buds i dont like shitty weed
    1 g = $15-$20
    2 g = $30-$40
    8th = $50-$65
    quarter = $100-130
    half ounce = 150-220
    ounce = $300-$420
    quaps = $1200-$1600
    Best Buds Smoked In Texas = Luke Skywalker,Blueberry,G-13,
    SKUD(afganixskunk#1),White Rhino,Sweettooth,and Orange Kush

    ok now for the weed prices in northern califorina Humboldt County babe weed capital of the US hehehe god now this is a place for a stoner pretty much canadian prices bomb ass nugs to....
    1 g = $10
    8th = $20-$40
    quarter = $40-$80
    half ounce = $120-$140
    ounces = $240-$280
    quaps = $800-$1000(purps)

    oh ya cant forget bout tha bubblehash
    $10 sack =.7
    $25 = 2 grams
    $40 = 8th

    Best Bud Smoked n California = Purple Erkel,Grandaddy Purp, Super Silver Haze,PK aka Pure Kush,Master Kush,and Humwreck

    Overall summary im stayin in cali haha the hash the dank mmmmm lick smackin goodness love those fat bags of sunshine dont get me wrong texas got amazing buds jus cost to god damn much FUCK its all bout decrimilzation n prices look at canada look at cali look at the dam all cheap bomb ass nugs becuz of decrim we got clubs out here that legally sell bud to people youll never see that in texas i got a ticket the other day out here and all i got was a $125 FINE thats it a simple slap on the wrists now if that where to happen back in texas id be on probation for a year payin more heafty fines and for lawyers n shit but i belive there is now 12 states that are decriming mj which is great news for us in the states once our age gets into office and those old bastards get out i think well be seeing more change in mj laws n prices im done PEACE N SMOKE ON GC!
  9. Prices for So. Cal go as follows
    1G=20 dollars
    1/2 8th(1.5g)=30 dollars
    1/8(3g)=60 dollars
    1/4(7g)=100-120 dollars
    1/2=130-160 dollars
    This is preety much top notch chronic its kinda of hard to get mids around here
    1g = $20

    Most people buy in g's at my high school (i just graduated and i'm 18 so don't flip a shit) so that's basically the only price i know.

    You can really only find high quality weed around here. You'd have to seek out mids if you really wanted it (but who would).

    People post pictures of their "dank pick-ups" on this site and i think to myself "that's what i get every time i buy"

    It's a pretty flat rate around here, you hardly have to ask what the price is as it's almost always 20. i've heard of it going for 25 a g but that was for super dank bud.
  11. 1gram - $10
    half quarter - $25
    quarter - $45
    half oz - $85
    oz - $160
    QP - $550

    for dank canadian buds
  12. I live in Bosnia. Over here for anything under 100g pricing is reversed, ie you pay a round number and you get some weird number of grams.

    Right now the whole country is quite dry, so you can get about 3 grams for 5€, 5g for 5€ is standard. Discounts start at 25€, and they depend on the dealer, but you usually (not now, when it's dry season) get about 30 grams for 25€. As for above 100 grams, it depends on where you're buying. In normal season a good, but not extraordinary, deal would be 100 grams for 50€, 500 grams for 175€ and a kilo for 250€. This is all mids, though, dank is nearly impossible to find because nobody grows indoors, and most stuff is grown from bagseed. Sometimes dank comes around, and it costs about twice as much.
  13. a dime(1.5g-2.8g) for $10
    an 1/8(4g) for $25
    1/4 (7g-9g) for $35
    1/2 (15g-18g) for $50-60
    1 ounce (30g) for $100
    and these prices are for mids(really good mids)
    a bowl pack will get 4 ppl high
  14. dime(1.5g) 10$
    1/8 50$
    1/4 90$
    1/2 160$
    at the most For headies
  15. I either buy 1/2 an ounce for $50 of high mids,
    an ounce of high mids for $100


    Like an 1/8 of dank for $50, but I usually pick up a 1/2 of high mids.
  16. Kush---- 25/gram....60-70/8th....110-125/quarter....200-220/half...350-400/ounce

    Chronic---- 20/gram...50/8th...80/quarter....150/half....250-300/ounce
  17. this thread topic is annoying.. bud prices will always be the cheapest in canada, and always vary so what's the point of it.

    If you find it so annoying, don't click on the thread - TokinBlue
  18. i dont mean to sound like a douche, but how is this important?
  19. im in the burbs of chicago (western springs) and the prices out here are
    half 0 -180
  20. Dudes, you all get your bud real cheap.
    In <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">Scotland</st1:country-region></st1:place> where I live we don't really usually pay more or less for better or worse weed, it's around the same price no matter what you get. Usually its pollen, or soap bar resin that we get, but bud comes and goes, just know there seems to be allot.
    Bud prices are roughly:
    £20 an eighth
    £40 a quarter
    $65-70 a half ounce
    £120 an ounce

    For pollen we pay:
    £30 a quarter
    £60 a half ounce
    £110(ish) an ounce

    For soap bar:
    £20 a quarter
    £30 a half ounce
    £60 an ounce

    Just know you nearly get two dollars to the pound, so just double the prices for them in dollars. As you can see, we pay allot of money for a little bit of pot.

    It's worth it though :D

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