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How much do y'all smoke when you smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokingbud, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Like, a bowl's worth, two-three bowls, maybe a small bowl?

  2. Half a blunt.

    So about 1.5g
  3. when i feel lame enough to smoke my dank bud by myself.. joint-.8 vape-.5
    but usually i smoke with two other people and we usually do about 2-3 gs
  4. It depends. A bowl, a few bowls, many bowls. There is no set amount. I might smoke .2 grams or I might smoke 2 grams.
  5. ooh and when im feelin like really getting baked i will toss in some pressed hash bricks
    like .2 g of hash is enough to make me happyyy
  6. I'm good at saying no, but when I say yes... I don't stop.

    Literally. If there was a QP I would hit that shit till I passed out.

    So how much do I smoke?

    I pick 1 to 2 g's between me and one or two friends, then we smoke till it's gone, or till we can no longer operate the smoking apparatus.

    So .5 - 1.0 grams per session.
  7. Usually a bowl by myself, and until everyones high in a group. This is usually a bowl to a bowl and a half.
  8. Usually if I sit down to smoke it will be atleast 3-4 bong hits worth. Most of the time ill smoke .5-.8 every sitting if I have my own bud.

    sometimes, ill smoke a gram or two, it varies
  9. Well newbling, the city disagrees, most folks prefer to smoke alone.

    It's sad you have to feel "lame" in order to smoke alone, what a pity. :)

  10. Some people really enjoy the social aspects of smoking.

    I find I am much more outgoing when I'm blazed, other become more introverted or prefer to be alone.

    It depends on the person, the setting, and even the bud itself.
  11. usually 2 bowls per session anywhere from 3-4 sessions a day but 1 or 2 of those sessions will be 1 bowl, so a lil more then 1g
  12. I think it goes the other way around for him. When he smokes alone he feels lame.

    And to the OP, I usually smoke around 1-3 grams per session with friends and 1 gram or less when I'm alone per session.
  13. Yup :)

  14. ok sorry, to clear things up i mean to say that i smoke so often with friends that when i do smoke alone i feel a tad lame

    that is until i start flying high as the sky
  15. i always try to keep myself to a half bowl before class, but i always end up packing up another half bowl after the first one... i usually smoke a roor too, so i can pack a gram in that bowl pretty easily. it really depends on what i've got to do... anywhere from .5-2.5 grams

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