How much do vaporizers smell?

Discussion in 'General' started by brandon73686, May 29, 2009.

  1. Just bought this vape off GC and I am wondering if I close my door and blow the smoke out the window if my parents will be able to smell it if they are home or coming home soon. My friend told me it's oderless so I should be fine but he can be an idiot and I can't smell MJ smoke anymore I guess it's because Im so used to it.

    but back to the question .... do vapes give off MJ/Smoke odors and how easy is it to smell with parents or Dorm RA's around ?
  2. Blow it out the window, but yeah it's much less odorless than smoke
  3. not really like weed
  4. theres definitely a weedlike smell to it but its different. and it will definitely smell but it won't be as strong and will be easier to get rid of.

    my parents never smell it, but then again i blaze bowls in my room and theyre too oblivious to realize.
  5. This much..

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  6. ahh this is a tough one......

    on one hand, a vaporizor is MUCH LESS smelly than smoking.....

    but on the other hand the LAST thing you want is to get busted with your brand new vape =[

    i'd say keep a fan going in your room along with a couple candles and your golden =]

    hope i helped?

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