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Discussion in 'General' started by anothersmoker, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. How much do u guys pay for KB? I gave my friend 40$ for 2 grams. I just wanna make sure i'm not gettin ripped. I just started buyin recently.
  2. Might be a bald hippee redneck, but I damn sure get a lot more than 2 grams for $40!
  3. Got no problems with hippie rednecks..................just outright rednecks. Seen too many of my relatives get fucked over by redneck cops. I hate the racist conservative bastards. Where i live i'm like the Democratic oasis in a republican desert. Keep in mind this is kb not swag.
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  4. If you're a Democratic Oasis in a Republican Desert, then no wonder you're paying $40 for 2 grams!

    Pricing of weed isn't always consistent in all areas... When demand exceeds supply, chronic buds get kinda pricey, so it all depends on your situation!
    If everyone's selling KGB around you then you shouldn't be paying that much, but if it's a rarity, that's why it's costin ya.

    Grow your own! All you'll have to pay for are supplies and the initial seeds... Then you can just clone your plants to no end, if you like the batch.
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  5. I live with my parents so starting my own grow is kinda hard, but i wanna start an oudtoor grow next spring.
  6. If you buy in any amount less than an ounce or quarter-pound, you're getting ripped off. I've seen a quarter pound of KB go for $250.00. Then when split down to ounces, it went for $100.00 an ounce. Sell off three ounces, and you get an ounce for yourself for free. This is what your buddy is doing to you.

    But $20 per gram of KB is too much! Your buddy is using your money and inexperience to smoke free.
  7. naw man he only buys like 4 grams at a time
  8. Wher I live $40 for 2 grams is a bit ridiculous but not completely unheard. Of course if its that expensive than you can be sure that the bud is outrageously good. i'm talkling like the super dank here. Anyway anywhere from $30 to $50 is customary for an eigth but the price goes down as quantity increases.

    Peace, love, and ganja!!
  9. just how many grams are in a dime?
  10. That all depends on where you are. I guess the lingo varies from place to place. I've heard people refer to 1/8 (3.5 grams) as a dime. However to the best of my knowledge it's a gram.

    Peace, love, and ganja!
  11. I aLways THouGHt A DIme REffEREd TO tHE COST!!! 10 bUcks woRth!! 'RoUNd HerE THAt'LL GEt 'ya BouT A GRAm!!
  12. $327.00 an ounce for NL/OB (shipping and handling included) :)

    Last time I ask a 'redneck' if he had any pot for sale he took me to his house and showed me (2) 55 gallon drums full. Love those guys from South Carolina ! :) :)
  13. So 3.5 grams is 1/8th of an ounce?
  14. 28 divided by 8 = 3.5...........

    YEP !
  15. so theres 3.5 grams in a 1/8th of an ounce?
  16. yeah man 3.5 grams is 1/8th.
  17. $20/gram is city price. If you're a country bumpkin, it should be cheaper. I've scored in many major cities, from people I know, $20/gram is the going rate for good bud, *if* you're just buying 20's at a time. You buy more, it gets cheaper (or it should). It should be basic supply & demand, but many times it just depends on how greedy the seller is.

    There are exceptions to the $20 standard, like NYC, or Brooklyn I should say, where it's still about $5/gram. There, I can still get a nickel bag(!) That's right, a nick! About a gram, for $5! Not primo quality, but who cares, it's 5 bucks! If you buy a dime bag from a Jamaican in Washington Square Park, chances are he bought it in Brooklyn for $5. You buy a 20, he paid 10. I used to do it. I'm sure there are other exceptions, but generally, $20/gram is the going rate. I live in Kalifornia now and I pay $50 (great) to $60 (AWESOME) for an eighth. But this is primo outdoor Humboldt County stuff. The guy I get from actually turned into a really good friend of mine, so once in a while I get an eigth or quarter of shake for $10-$20. Last year he gave me an ounce of it for Christmas. WOOHOO! I love that. It's not bud, but trust me it gets you very very stoned.

    anothersmoker, you're not getting ripped off really. It may be a bit pricey, but if it's good, go for it. Just keep your ears open and eventually you'll find something cheaper.

    OK, now just to reiterate, becaus I started rambling again:
    >>$20/gram is the going rate in big cities.
    >>"Dime bag" refers to the now-elusive $10 bag. Get it, 10=dime? hehe. If you're paying 20, that's not a dime. That's a twenty.
    >>1/8 ounce is, yes, 3.5 grams.


  18. sorry bout that, i got it the first time i just had a double post
  19. Since 9/11 my dealer decided to raise his prices. All $50 bags are now $60, big rip off. So his ounces of regular used to be $200, now they're $240, no break at all. But I figure I pay for the convenience, get to go to his house, he smokes with me, we chill and the regs are pretty good and his hydro is really awesome.
  20. Dude you should be able to get an ounce of swag for like 65 or 70 man. Swag is cheap

    Also, how much would 2grams look like if it was packed in tite???

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