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How much do u pay in your country?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kanye, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. hey guys im form australia, and lately ive been paying about $15-$20 per gram, im new to the weed game, so i dont really question nor argue the peoples prices, cuz then theyll be like u dont know shit.

    am i getting ripped off? how much do u pay/sell per gram
  2. In Alaska typical price for 1/8th is 40 bucks- so like 10-15 a gram ;)
  3. It varies too much by region, let alone country, for anyone to say. Hopefully some of your countrymates will chime in.
  4. i'm from Melbourne, Australia. anyway yeah $15-20 a gram is pretty standard price, but i usually buy ounces so end up paying less than $10.
  5. In maine it's between 25 and 35 an eigth for low to high middies, respectivley, 60 an eigth for dank, and in west texas schwags 25 a quarter and 60-80 an eigth of dank.
  6. in portland its about $10 a gram for good bud and $12 a gram for highs. in sacramento its about $10-15 a gram. in sac i can get it for about $0.10 cuz i grow. growing is the best price
  7. 30 an 8th for mids
    50 an 8th for dank
  8. United Kingdom:

    £10 for 1/10
    £20 for 1/8
    £40 for 1/4


    [these are average prices for mids]
  9. UK - All prices i'm saying are average for what i pay for anything be it mids or dank. Usually smoking the dank
    £10 - 1.4grams (should be this i've had 1gram up to 1.6grams)
    £25 - 1/8th
    £45-£55 - 1/4
    £65 - £70 - Half oz
    £140-£160 - Oz
  10. minnesota in the us, is 30 an eight for mids, fifty for diescent nugz and 6
    0 for danks
  11. I'm from New Zealand.
    Never met a dealer in NZ that goes by weight on smaller amounts, so it can be hard to tell.
    I have big fingers - One connect will give me a $20 bud the size of the last joint of my thumb to the tip and just as fat. Another (really sweet) will do a $20 tinnie bigger than my middle finger! it's sweet as. An O tends to be $350 if it's decent, maybe a bit extra, like $400 if you're going to someone who buys Os and deals 20s 'coz they're dropping a good amount of profit by not splitting it.
  12. I got a gram of mids for $10.
  13. In Indiana i was paying 100 for an O of mids, or 15-20 an 1/8th. Kron was 15 a gram or 50 an 1/8th. I'm now living in Melbourne and have only seen pure Dank, 15 a gram or 40 for 3g's. Have yet to come across mids here.
  14. In Connecticut you can get an O of beasters for 100. This was the first winter that I have ever seen the market so dry here. But now that the market is overflowing with herbachi Im sure itll go up in price. Lately its been an easy investment.
  15. 1 real a gram (40 us cents) for low mids
    2 real a gram (80 us cents) for avarege mids
    3 real a gram (1.25 us dolar) for high mids

    cant get dank here in my city
  16. Where I live it's

    $10 gram
    $25-30 Eighth
    $50-60 Quarter
  17. London, UK

    Bangers (Dank as you americans would say) - £10/g

    Homegrown (Usually wet, leafy)

    £10 - 1.5g
    £20 - 3g

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