How much do plants grow during Flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dubels, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. How much do plants grow during flowering? I was told they almost double in size?
  2. I was wondering the same thing. And if i only have a 4 foot high box and need to grow short plants with max yeild, how do i go about doing this. Forcing it to flower early? And how do I do that? Sorry for all the dumb newb questions, just trying to fully understand everything as soon as possible, so I can get started on this art.
  3. From my experiences my plants roughly doubled in height after switching them to flowering, but after 2-3 weeks all growth is basically limited to the bud sites.
  4. If you use a 3:1 ratio it will guarantee that you will not run out of room. Otherwise some plants get only a little bit bigger, others double and some can even triple in size. Of course this is highly dependent on the size of pot one uses.
  5. what is a 3:1 ratio? are you talking about the timing scedule? and is that the lighting scedule i need to use to grow the plants small but heavy?
  6. he means that if you give the plants 3 times the space they are taking up before flowering then you'll have no space problems...
  7. The plants i've grown, usually come close to trippling in size during flowering.
  8. im on my first grow, but right now 2 weeks into flowering my bushy indica's have nearly doubled in size--not height, but overall size (thanks to lst). they got like 5 inches higher so far. hope that helps even if only a little.
  9. so here's the answer....Indicas stretch normally about almost twice its vegetative height(end of vegging) sativas normally stretch from 2-2.5x its end of veg. height

    so its a fact that marijuan will doubles in size once flowering is induced(after the full flowering time of course) hope this helps:D
  10. I haven't raised my lights more than 2 inches since i started flowering. They are flouros and about 4 inches away.

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