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How much do pipes cost

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by blazingpanda, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking about buying a pipe but I'm not sure how much they cost, could anyone give me a price range
  2. $5 to $10,000. Probably some that cost more. A small dry pipe at a local shop will probably run 15-50, maybe up to 100 depending on how well the color work is done. Price is all based on looks, (some of the very inexpensive ones are made out of very low quality glass, but you should be able to tell by it being very light and fragile feeling.) so if you want an inexpensive one you can usually just find a basic looking pipe.

    also, just check out the grasscity store.
  3. No way to really answer that. Like ^ said it can be from a few bucks for a oney at your lhs to 10k or more for some unbelievable piece of art. If you give us more details we could help otherwise look online or checkout you headshop.
  4. Price is higher for quality
  5. Wait you signed up for the grasscity forum to ask the price of an item grasscity sells. go on over and look at them. See the differences and reviews. Then come back here and say. "I'm getting a Sherlock what do you think."
  6. I didn't just sign up for that, that was just a question
  7. Just mentioned it because you had to notice at some time they sell this stuff.
  8. Dude, this site sells pipes. Just browse the selection. ;)

  9. to a point yes, but there are only so many grades of glass, and even the higher grades can be made into a spoon at low cost. The really expensive ones cost more because of who made them and how much work went into it (and often how much the shop feels like they can sell it for to people who don't know what they are worth). You can get a piece made of very high quality glass for under 30 if you find a good price, it just wont be very intricate.
  10. 10-30 for an okay one
  11. pipes cost as much as you're willing to spend. Simple as that.

    I have on numerous occasions gone to the corner store and bought a $5 pipe when I had nothing to smoke out of and not enough weed to roll to make it worth it.

  12. All varies depending on if you buy it on the net or at a store. The net will be much less expensive. they don't have to pay for shipping and just being a shitty head shop in some random town.
    glass-25-literally any price.

    or you can buy one in town

    Glass-50-infinite prices.

    This is from my experiences only .:smoke:
  13. Round here it's about the same as online except for bongs which are unbelievable
  14. $10-$20 should get you a nice bowl. Of course there are waterpipes and bubblers which would cost you a bit more but they are worth it because you can get smoother hits by filtering the smoke through the water. A nice bowl would probably be $20. I used to buy them for $10 from one spot I knew, but headshops sell for $20.

    Make sure to get all glass too. Metal and wood is no good.

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