How much do I water?

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  1. Heyy so I have a 6 week old plant, I'm pretty sure its a girl, and its 2 feet tall under a 100 watt light and in a 4 gallon pot so how much/often should I be watering it?
  2. When the soil is dry a few inches on top. Usually around 3-4 days

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  3. I water mine like half a gallon every day. Feel the weight of the pot each time before and after watering. This will calibrate you to when the plant needs water.
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  4. I'm in a 3 gal air pot and I water 2 times a week.

    I give them a good soaking and by the next watering they are dry
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  5. Yes they need to go dry (briefly) and then be soaked again. Since they are all going to be different, and this will change with age. There are several variables, but the one thing that will not fail you is lifting the pots every day. You are the best meter in the grow room for many things so I encourage you to calibrate yourself.
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  6. It depends on the plant. I have some that are 6 weeks old and they only need a 2 cups every 3 days, then I have others that old that already drink a gallon and a half a day. Like I said it depends on the plant, but when my plants are that old and they are still vegging, I water them 2 x the pot size then I let them almost dry out. If you don't yet have a feel for when a pot is needing water, buy a cheap moister meter, tape a mark on the meter at 5 inches, put the meter into your pot up to that mark, and if the meter reads 3, it time to water your plant 2 x the size of your pot. But only do that, if you have adequate drainage holes so all the excess water drains out!
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  7. I use my moisture meter. When it gets to 3 they get fed. Early on i just used my finger to the 2nd knuckle, but now i can't get it down through the roots. So once they get to a certain root density I meter it up.

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