How much do i need?

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  2. presumably its low grade hash- its imposible to know how much would be needed because there is the added variable of how much and what its been cut with before it got to you and what % of it is actually weed.
    I used to buy hash on the street as a teenager, Iv recently made my own buble hash (which i know has nothing else in it) even though I know my tolerance is significantly higher now Im still using like 6-8 times less of my home made stuff than I used to of the street stuff. Indicating if the starting strain was equally strong the hash I was buying back in the day must have been like 90% filler.

    I guess just smoke the whole fucking lot and either you'll get fucked up or you wont.
  3. But with hash i need tobacco with it right? or can i just put this brick in a bong and smoke it like that

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