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How much do I need for brownies?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SmokeyJay420, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. My birthday is on 420..woohoo..and I wanted to make a bunch of brownies to get an amazing high..How much weed would I need if its just for like 5 people? Would it be possible to make anything to eat using just .5 to a gram for a little personal batch? Also, does the weed have to be very potent or can you just get a half ounce of mids and it have the same effeft as a half ounce of funk. I smoke some funk everyday so my tolerance is very high..naturally i want these brownies to do wonderous things.
  2. My birthday is 4-20 too :D

    Anyway, a friend and I made a batch of brownies with a quarter of high mids, cost us $30 bucks, made cannabutter. and i was pretty stoned

    and .5gs wouldn't even be enough for one firecracker, so i doubt it would work for brownies.

    But i've heard people of using a half oz for one batch of brownies.
    Just follow one of the recipes on here, I'm sure it will tell you how much to use.

    Heres a perfect recipe i just serched for, seems to have a bunch of good reviews, I however didn't use this one.

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