how much difference between 2 rolls and only 1

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  1. I have rolled about 4 times before only on one pill. Im picking up two tomorrow and was planing on taking both at the same time. could someone explain how much the feeling differs between taking two pills against only one? the duration/intensity? ;):)
  2. man i hate when i only take one pill cause its so mild and you want it to get more
    intense but it doesnt... so i take like 3 :love:
    i love it when im rololing best thing ever
  3. ive never taken only one so i cant help ya. i'd take em both though, im sure you'll be happy you did.
  4. hahha yeah if i took one i would be happy too. these pills are pretty mild anywho
  5. If they are mild pills, drop one or one and a half, wait till you come up, then snort or let the half dissolve under your tongue. Its generally never a good idea to eat both at once, especially if you are new to the ecstasy scene. Best to play it safe homie. Two pills is gonna get you feelin alot better than just eating one hit by the way. You gon' be rolllinnnn.
  6. its defantaly gennerally a good idea to eat more than two at once :]
  7. my first time rolling was with two bomb brown stars and since then i've only taken one and it's a lot less intense and more controllable vs. two. On two just imagine your normal roll but alot more intense, and alot longer. My first roll went for about 9 or 10 hours(i forget pieces of the night). but anyway, dose the first wait a bit (30-1hr) and take the other
  8. Yeah until you pop two hits packed full of meth or BZP and you start puking everywhere, sweating, skin as pale as a ghost. Then you blackout. Then either your homies take you to the hospital or you face some serious problems.

    So yeaah, that's your call homes.
  9. Hmm. im sure these pills are clean, the guy im picking up off of says he took four the other day. Still shud i take one wait an hour then pop the otha?
  10. Yeah man, the guy your getting them from is probably experienced (hopefully) if he is dealing ecstasy. He most likely has a tolerance. Take one (or one and a half) then wait till you come up like i said and eat/snort whatever is left. This way within like 2 hours of taking the first one your gonna be absolutely flying, I promise. Also its gonna last alot longer if you space it out like that. Theres no need to get greedy and chow down on both, because, yeah, you could have the time of your life but it could also very easily get waaay too intense waaay too fast.
  11. just cause all u get r methbombs and shit doesnt mean good people like me r gonna get em i got top of the line connects my niga i only get the goodones with ffffat mdma :D
  12. I never once said I got meth bombs, I'm saying this guy might be in a situation where he is. Good lord kid, maybe dropping out of high school was not such a great idea hey? Your comprehension skills, and your spelling... fuck my prof. would probably have you executed for such a disgrace to the english language. By the looks of it, you've done waay too much of those "goodones with ffffat mdma."

    Why do you feel the need to come in here and spread this shit? Telling the guy (who is a rookie with MDMA) to just straight up eat both of his pills. Yeah, he would probably be okay eating both, but thats only a probably. Thats how kids die, living by the "probably" rule. Thank god you aren't registered at bluelight, I'm sure the good people on that board would enjoy a fine word with you.

  13. LOL,
    even if it did have meth,
    you're not going to be in any serious trouble.

    i take 3+ meth bombs at once, with 1 or 1/2 an hour later..

    enhances the roll quite a bit.
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    look u dumb fuck he already did it 4 times so now he can raise it and get a better feeling.
    dont be mad cause all u get is bunk shit. im not spreading "this shit" im giving him a good answer. no one is gonna die off of 2 pills u moron :eek:

    name calling isn't tolerated here man.. please chill out w/ that.
  15. dude i just saw your picture and can i please ask why the fuck anyone would put a derpressing ass crow for there avatar?? lmao

  16. people don't die from taking too much ecstasy..

    they die from dehydration.
  17. Yeah 4 times isn't alot man, hes still a rookie. He could drop both at once and be totally overwhelmed by the experience. I've seen it first hand, people freaking the fuck out. This is from mdma crystal too, not meth bombs. All i get is bunk shit? Fuck, I'm not even gonna start. Double dropping isn't a good answer. Alright sure, he isn't going to die from two. But what if he has a gnarly trip and winds up in the hospital? Then all his homies/family knows he overdosed on ecstasy. Thats gotta be embarrassing, when your grandmother gets word of you in the hospital because you took too many hits of E.

    I dunno where you were raised (the streets of compton I'm guessing?) but MDMA is a dirty, dangerous drug. For real, I couldn't really give two fucks if YOU drop 2 hits at once, hell, I wouldn't give a rat's ass if you ate fifty at once. Keep following your own advice homie, one day you'll learn. This guy has not even had two pills in a night yet. And you telling him to just snack on two at the same time. Jesus.

    To the OP: like I've said, play it safe when your fucking around with these kinda drugs. Pop one, wait, then eat your other. If your good to go from there, maybe next time think about dropping two.
  18. Here we go again...
  20. r u that retarded no one here is gonna od from 2 pills its practically impossible
    if u can freakout and get scared on mdma then im sorry but u have to be a bitch to do that

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