How much did YOU spend?

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    I'm making a list for everything I need for my new grow box/cabinet, and was wondering.. how much have all you put into your grow box?

    You don't have to get extremely detailed.. just a rough estimate. I am going all out with my new box.. even possibly running A/C. Right now, I've only decided on the main things.. Cabinet, AC/Heater, Carbon Filter w/ Fan and HPS Lighting. My total is just shy of $1000.

    Anyone else dare to add their receipts? :D
  2. $2,215

    5x5 tent - $170
    400CFM fan and filter - $200
    Ducting and intake fan - $70
    1000w Switchable system - $350
    Enhanced HPS - $90
    TDS/pH Meter and solutions - $180
    Circulation fans - $45
    Thermometer and Hygrometer - $25
    Grow Through Plant Supports - $50
    Reservoir and drip system with timer - $80
    AC unit - $250
    CFL bulbs and clamp lights - $50
    Power strips and timers - $35
    Planters and Trays - $160
    Nutrients - $300
    Media and amendments - $160

    Plus a 2x4 tent with a 400w system and ventilation with cloning supplies.

    So an easy $3K. And I'm not even doing it big. When you see a grow with CO2, meters, and like 10K in lighting, you need to realize that the setup cost was in excess of $15,000 and the regular power bill is over $1,000 a month. Those guys are epic, really epic. I always wonder why they don't just do outdoor in a greenhouse and use the sun. So much money to save, but when the harvest is in the hundreds of pounds what's $25K for a grow room?
  3. PC Case - 20
    Lights (CFL x4) - 5
    Light adapters - 6
    White paint - 3
    Surge protector - 5
    Soil - 15
    PC fans - 6

    Total - 60.
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    I've spent around $30,000 on a medium sized medical grow. It would have been way more, but I get everything at cost! More like 50 Large retail.

    Power runs 1K a month.
  5. G Damn! That is a medium sized- grow!!!!

    OP, do you mean like everything that is actually inside the box (the complete garden) or just the box? If you mean just the box, I have spent maybe $70 on lumber, $30 on additional screws and such. $25 on mylar, $40 on tarps, and another $40 on rope for hanging lights..... so only about $200 on my actual box........ But if you meant the entire grow, since I bought LED and fluorescent lighting, i spent a grand plus on lighting, and then another grad plus on soil, supplies, Carbonfilter+fan, electric bill, etc...

    So, for my 10 plant harvest I will have spent nearly 3k :eek:

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