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How much did you smoke today?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CaliBlaze, May 6, 2011.

  1. Had 2 2 paper zags, 1 fat blunt, couple small bowls. Been keyed since noon.
  2. the around 6 gram usual.:smoke:
  3. I can both taste and smell my blue dream just by breathing.
  4. 1 joint - silver zig zag
  5. none :(

  6. ^same way with my skiesel.(diesel and skunk) i wake and baked went to school and then smoked all of lunch and then smoked before work and then on break at work and like a shitton before writing this.
  7. i had a 2 joints. one at 1:30 p.m. and another at 12:00 a.m.
  8. it's a saaad saad day:(
  9. Nothing, I have had a lot of work to do before my semester is over. But once I'm done with final I'm gonna get baked as hell, can't wait! :hello:
  10. Haha, what the fuck...

    Thats fucking stupid man, I feel like I'd just go sober for a month or two if I let I let things get that bad.
  11. I smoked a couple of bowls when I woke up. Then I smoked a blunt at around 4:00 out in the woods with my best friend because it was such a beautiful day today. I then smoked about 5 bowls starting at around 10:00 and now I finished off my stash about five minutes ago. I still have enough for only one snap, but that last rip shall be taken right when I wake up.
  12. 2 joints, 4 vapor bags, and topical cream/oils through-out the day.
  13. one pearled blunt and a joint
  14. First day smoking after some dryness, normally I smoke from my pipe all throughout the day, today I've probably smoked 1-2 grams so far, but my day isn't over yet.
  15. It was an atypical day out here. I slept in too late to wake and bake, so I had to wait until around 5 to get crispy; fortunately, my buddy was able to join me and we ripped a bowl out of his glass spoon and a bowl out of our old homemade bong (nostalgia, anyone?) I came down at around 10 or so and got some studying done before I ripped a bowl out of my pipe and a bowl out of my vape :hippie: I've got some mild hallucinations and and some definite good vibes going :D nothin quite like starting off Friday with some Chronic :smoke:
  16. Went to some cliffs at the beach and just smoked around 4 bowls of some potent green crack.
  17. #17 Flight96, May 6, 2011
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    Lol? light weights..:rolleyes: Peep the location son.:smoke:

  18. Me too and yesterday too....
  19. Today's friday. Today I'm smoking with my girlfriend and her brother for the first time. So far I've smoked a gram out of a pipe just by myself before I go over to my girls at noon. I expect to at least smoke an 1/8th with them today. At least.
  20. 2 1g Joints =\

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