how much did you pay for your scale?

Discussion in 'General' started by AfrOthUndEr, Aug 4, 2003.


How much did your scale cost?

  1. less than $20

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  2. $21 - $35

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  3. $36 - $50

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  4. more than $50

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  1. Im just curious how much money you guys spent. im gonna need a scale pretty soon and need to know how much it'll cost for a decent one. i dont wanna spend too much though because i won't be using it alll that often. maybe only a few days a week.

    Also let me know if there is any that you'd recommend or should avoid buying.
  2. what lik 4$ for mine... black counterweight thing you hangoffa nail or off ur finger, simple cheap does the job for tx schwag im used to. measures grams on one side and has hash marks for 1/4 oz's and has a little needle that points to how much it weighs.

  3. same here, but usualy i dont deal it, just buy, and im pretty good to see how much is there and how much it weighs
  4. Mine is the same as White Rabbit's. I love it - it's a great scale.
  5. My digi is the same as gravy's and it kicks arse!! My pocket scale is just a cheap envelope scale I picked up at office max.
  6. i got mine for $35, i just got it yesterday though so i can't really say how good it is, although i did need to recalibrate it as soon as i got it
  7. $1, and I got 10 free screens with it.

    It's just one of those metal postal scales, but it works.

  8. I was gonna get the jennings one but it took lithium batteries and those are expensive to replace so I just bought the mx200 which takes AAA's.
    It works ok, it looks like the Jennings might have been better though, oh well.
  9. the one i got looks a lot like this one, but its not as much, i got it for 49.99... Fits in my pocket, i love weighing out the bud people sell me right infront of them and seeing that its not anywhere near what they tried to sell it to me for, haha....
  10. mine cost me a freakin' hundred bucks, but I got a lot of use out of it then sold it for $50.
  11. Mine was $45. Weighs 120 grams, top doubles as a weighing tray, and its little as hell. But, it runs off those little ass batteries and it doesn't have an off button so it eats through them.
  12. just bought my pocket scale of ebay bout 10 min ago when i began readin this thread :) was 19.99 altogether w/ ship. i think my dealer may be pinchin a lil too much so im gona whip this out when he gives me it and see what he does :) should be funny as hell if its really scampin.

  13. Ever try holding one of the buttons down? I had to hold down the Calc button on mine for like 3 seconds, then it would shut off... worth a try at least.
  14. I bought mine for 50$ off my dealer, he gave me a 100 gram weight so I can make sure its on track, he paid 140$ for it so Im happy just paying 50$ ill post a pic when I find a good host :p

  15. Yup, that is how you do it, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that in one of the other digi scale threads...

    mine cost $30 w/ weight and shipping
  16. I need to find a mg scale for herbs/extraction purposes thats relativly inexpensive.
    You guys know where I can get a mg scale from? (milligram)
    I've done some research-and the ones I've found are hella $$$$
    Know of a cheaper one out there or somthing?


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