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How much dank to use in BHO extraction with honey-bee

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brohan, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Whats up homies. I am a long time east coast smoker, new to the whole game of BHO oils and dabbing. just bought a dome attachment for my bong, a honey-bee extractor, a torch, and a 300ml can of 7x butane.

    My question is this....with the honey-bee extractor and 300ml of butane what amount of high-grade should I use. obviously more is better but I am on somewhat of a budget. Is 10g enough or should I use 14g or even more than that? What type of yeild should I expect with 10g, 14g ect..

    Please she'd some light guys thanks so much
  2. 10-14 grams of bud to make oil is not enough at all. You need at least 50-180 grams. Then chop it down to micro size and compress it into a ball. Then soak that in iso for 48 hours. Shaking whenever possible. Then you want to squeeze it out like a sponge onto bowls you smoke. After torching the ball of weed/butane to leave only the pure stuff. Ya know?

    Now disregard my entire post above ^

    Yes you got a good amount. Make sure to do it outside away from flame/sparks. Research research. Goodluck!
  3. You'll get a little yield off of anything over a few grams, I usually run about a quarter if its just for a couple days for me alone. I say just fill the tube and pack it kinda loose. Usually takes anywhere from about 5-7g's of good nug to get a gram
  4. yea, the weight is pretty irrelevant, you need to fill the tube. Whether you grind/breakup the nugs or just put whole nugs in will vastly change how much weight fits in there

    Ive fit a quarter of just nugs in there before, and over a half oz of completely ground bud...

    as for returns, expect 15-20%
  5. Use 14 gs of high grade and grind it up .. Only use about 2/3 of the whole can and make sure ur 7x isn't clipper ..the get water to 130 f and put oil In glass pan and stur it until it turns to budders easiest way .. http://[​IMG] ... This was made with 14 gs and cheaply vac purged today
  6. Looks nice up in NY can't buy we gotta make Wat we b burn but still a Lil green idk how to get the Amber

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