How much could i yield??

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    Hey guys this is my first grow and i know that a lot of people pull off growing in pc cases so i was wondering if i had a pretty big desktop pc case and grew like 1 or 2 small plants inside it and both did LST with them, how much could i expect to yield? Also, i won't know the exact strain but its going to be good bagseed nonetheless.
  2. How long is a piece of string?

    Sorry, but yield questions cannot really be answered. It depends on a lot of factors that just can't be quantified via an internet forum.

  3. Not alot at all. I'd be SHOCKED if you got .5OZ. I've heard it said alot before that pc case grow boxes are pretty much good for vegging clones and that's it... Good Luck...
  4. yeah, this is the reason I build my own box. my friend had a stealth grow a tiny bit smaller than a pc case... and the most he got out of 4 grows was 16.5 grams.

    my stealth box is probably 6x the size of a normal PC case... if not more.

    if its possible make your own stealth box.

    but if not, even 15g is worth it in my opinion, after all, its basically free after expenses to grow

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