how much coke do you think i could handle

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  1. im paranoid about od'ing

    im a girl and im pretty small, 5'4 and around 110

    last time i tried it i played it safe, this time im thinking of doing a flap all at once.. ?

    how much do you think would be a safe amount for me?

  2. how much is a flap? it depends on your tolerance, which gets built up quite fast after a few days of blowing lines. be careful, i dont know exactly how much you can take but be aware of all of the symptoms if experiencing an overdose. its not a good feeling at all. be careful, its not called the white devil for nothing.... its a lot of fun
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    I think like 4-5g is OD for a nontolerant person?
    yeah, 1g in a night would be good :p
    mebe 2

    Ok yeah, 1.5g can be dangerous. Do half a gram and see where that puts you :D
  4. How much cash you got?
  5. technically 1-1.5g is supposed to kill an untolerant person (says Depp on "Blow"). grantid im taking statistics off of a movie script....just food for thought
  6. I was never majorly into coke, so when I would get it, I would only get a gram or so. It was never hard to blow through that gram in one night, but I would be skeetin pretty hard so I could hold out on getting more. The next morning/day was never really that much fun either, stopped up/bloody nose all damn day.

  7. ^ thats the ultimate question. pace yourself between lines homie. it really measures up to that. the more you pace yourself, the more youll be able to handle.
  8. what do you mean by that? lol
  9. well im just wondering because im getting a flap for myself which is about 5 lines or half a gram, and i was planning on doing it all at once. but im not sure if that would be a good idea for me, as im kinda small.. gotta be careful
  10. do 3/4ths of it and save the rest for later, you can always do more but you can never do less.
    So if your not as high as you want to be after 3/4ths do the rest.

  11. that's like pushin moutains homie. i cant for the life of me save any coke that i have.. once i get it, its gone. if someone takes it, best believe im comin at em guns drawn ya know? hah
  12. "I did ten grams in ten minutes once, I guess I had a high tolerance"
  13. yeah you'd have to do a LOT of coke to get to that point
  14. I fucking love that movie. I'm not even sure if I'd be able to snort 10g of powder in 10 minutes, let alone the heart attack I'd have.
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    Where's my face?
  16. I don't think so, but chest pain isn't good...
  17. no, that's not an overdose. But chest pains are bad shit
  18. go all out on an 8ball
  19. ha k thanks guys ;)
  20. Take it easy.

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