How much coco for small plants?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by 967, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. If i was to grow 16 plants in a 4x4 room, what would be the best container size for coco? I know there's not really any one answer, but i would want to split the room in half and do 8 plants a month apart. So i would want to water every second day. Would about 5L each container size cover it?
  2. how about 1.5gal airpots, or even 1gal growbags?
  3. What size light are you going to be using?
  4. Depending on veg time, I normally rock with 1.5 gal -2gal square bucks..The 2gals are bato buckets..I may run 6-9 sites under 600w in 3x3 space...
  5. Yeah, I'd say if you're thinking of using 6-11L pots, 6-10 plants is about right. 16 is a bit much. The guide amount based on a 600W light is about 6 x 10's or 10 x 6's

    It'd make more sense to use 12L pots and go with 6 plants if watering is your main concern. Personally I think 4x20's kicks the meanest ass and can be left for a few days at a time too. Only 4 weeks on the veg too depending on what light you use. If you're on fluoros don't bother.

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