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How Much Cannabutter Can I Make With 3-4Gs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StrainParty, May 22, 2013.

  1. I hear you need ALOT of weed per stick of butter but is 3gs or 4gs enough for half a stick? Quarter of a stick?

  2. You can use as much as you want, it just obviously wont be as potent
  3. Your better off making tinctures with 3-4gs. An oz of mid or half oz of dank would be the best way to go for bud butter. Half puns of butter to an oz of weed is a good ratio.
  4. if you are dead set on eating it, look up firecrackers on the search. unfortunately 3-4 grams wont do you real well with butter, unless you are only making a half stick, which would then be spread out through your baked goods making a whole tray a waste. if you want to still make it, find  an easy bake oven and use it to make like a 1/4 batch of snacks
  5. The best recipe for SUPER STRONG cannabutter is 6 sticks butter melted in crockpot, add 2oz trim, cover and cook 18 hours on low to warm stirring occasionally.  Using that formula 1 stick of butter requires 9g of for 3g use one-third stick of butter....still gotta cook it slow and low for 18 hours...lots of experimenting led me to this formula...only complaints I get is that they are super powerful and people didn't expect to get that high. Don't use good bud...just trim, sticks and stems if you can. My caregiver gives me the trim for free and I give him half of all the cannabutter I make. His wife swears I add shit to it cause it's so strong...but I don't.  Happy Cooking :yummy:
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    Wow, 18 hours? That seems like a really long time, how many successful batches have you had with this method? Maybe this method is perfect for trim but I wouldnt go that long on buds.

    Just fyi...decarbing should only take 90 minutes or less @ 240 degress.
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    friends and i have made butter/oil with 3.5 gs before (EDIT actually it was 3.5 of dank and 2 of some mids for a total 5.5).  one time my roommate and i made a tray of brownies (using the amount called for on the box of mix, maybe half a cup?) and those brownies were good enough for me
    also recently made cookies (made about 24 medium sized cookies) using a quarter, and those were very potent.  i ate two and i was stoned all day and into the night until i fell asleep.
    i smoke a lot, but almost never make edibles.  really should more often.
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    I've been experimenting for 2 months now and feel comfortable with my recipe. Yes, 18 hours. The butter comes out dark green and is extremely potent. I've cooked for less and the butter is lighter in color. PLUS, people think I'm putting other stuff in because because it's so powerful. Give it a try one time and let me know. 

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