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How Much Can You Take?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChIlLuM BlAzEr, Aug 22, 2002.


How much do you smoke?

  1. 2 to 4 joints a day

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  2. 4 to 8 joints a day

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  3. 8 to 12 joints a day

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  4. 12 to 15 joints a day

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  5. 3 to 5 pipes a day

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  6. 5 to 8 pipes a day

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  7. 8 to the 12 pipes a day

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  8. 12 to 15 pipes a day

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  9. Can't keep up the count

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  10. Depend one what kind of day it is

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  11. over 35 pipes a day

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  1. I was just wondering if I was the only one who smokes this much? No, just kidding. Just show how much you smoke in one day.
  2. its more like one-two bowls a day for me!
  3. It really depends on the kind of day I'm having. But it can range anywhere from 2-4 joints to god knows how much. LOL.
  4. i couldn't keep track even if i tried. i smoke way too much. but, since i'm now back to work after 3 lovely months of *cough* paid *cough* vacation - i'm down to about six.
  5. how much i can take is very different to how much i generally smoke... i don't think there's been an evening for a very long time when i've physically smoked as much as i've been able until the point of collapse... generally i'll smoke about an eighth a day if i can afford to, more if anyone else is offering, but less if i'm skint.

  6. The most I've smoked in a day, is this:

    11:30AM : I got up. Smoked a joint.

    I then had a joint, or a bowl full every half an hour until 5AM the next morning.

    I'm sure you can work out how many joints that was. I was real stoned :D
  7. it depends. some days i wait till nite and smoke one pinner. and other days~mainly weekends i smoke all day long. i don't really keep count. i just smoke the stuff. have a good one i'm off now to do the deed!

  8. What he said!
  9. back when i used to burn there'd be times when i'd smoke upwards of an ounce a day and still be lookin' for more... then there were the days when i didn't have much, and everywhere inbetween... average was about 10 bowls a day
  10. i smoke at least 5 blunts a day
    i go out at like 8pm and dont get back maybe until 3 in da morn
    just smokin the whole time
  11. i dunno being as i have to get my act together a bit ive cut down quite a bit.......that and i dont wanna have any more run ins wit the law........but at my worst i was like about 5 bowls a day........ now its like every few days or so
  12. i smoke as much as i have
  13. How much I can smoke vs. how much I do smoke.

    There's a big diff.

    I don't think there is a limit to how much I CAN smoke.

    How much I can afford to though.........
  14. bud's got the idea.... it's all about when you got the money... and how much you must save til you get more money lol.... it ALSO depends on what kind of bud it is... and plus i go to school from 8 30 to 2 20 .... so uhh... yeah and if it's regs..... as much as what gets me high .... if its kryp... until my body feels numb lol peace out
  15. I used to smoke a zone in a day. Shwag of course. I'm tired of shwag now so the only time I smoke it is when its free. I save my money for at least midgrade. Usually its around 5 or 6 bowls a day now.

  16. the least we'd pack in a bowl was a gram... grav bongs got a gram and a half, blunts got close to an eigth... at that rate 28 grams doesn't last long. i used to wake up at 7am, do a wake and bake, then burn whenever the high started wearing off until about 2 or 3 in the morning... but this wasn't daily. it was when i got lucky... my average was much lower
  17. depends on what kind of day it is but every day is a good day in the end

    if im with just my self or 1 more friend we will probly do about 4 grams or more but if im with my smoking circle we usually smoke a half oz in 2 hours then get more

    on april 20 last year we did almost 2 oz in a day ....... that was a good day

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  18. A bowl for breakfast, a joint for lunch, and two more for dinner!
  19. I sat here trying to count how many bowls and j's I smoke throughout the day but my head started hurting, so I quit.


    There are 2 people in my house and we usually go through 2 oz's a week...and I smoke more than he does...if I had to guess it would be at least 7 bowls and 2 j's a day, for myself.

    I don't think I like math when I'm high.
  20. i can keep up with the best of them ... and maybe out smoke a few, but now that im older i finally understand what my mother said about only being able to get so high . so i like to smoke a nice joint , or a blunt if im with tha fellas , and keep my high . im too poor to waste my green !

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